How many calories does a push up burn

Do you want to target the muscles of your core and upper body?  You can do push-ups to burn extra fat. Remember, push-ups are amazing strength-building moves. They are suitable for your core muscles, triceps, shoulders, and chest.

They require body weight and great on-the-go move for your routine. With the help of push ups, you can burn more calories. Generally, push ups may burn almost 7 calories each minute. Knocking out almost 100 push ups daily may be an impressive routine.

The calorie burn rate may depend on your size. If your weight is 180-pound, you can complete almost 100 push ups in five minutes. You may burn almost 34 calories in five minutes.

Factors Impacting the Process of Burning Calories

Push ups are considered as strength-build exercise. It is essential to know the number of calories possible to burn during exercise. Some essential factors determine the number of calories you will burn.

  • Weight and Height: Metabolic rate of each person may vary. A significant person can burn more calories.
  • Gender: Generally, males can burn more calories as compared to females performing a similar workout. The number of calories burned may vary as per gender and size. Calorie burning may vary in a person with more muscle and less body fat.
  • Age: The process of aging can change lots of things about health, such as total calories a person burns. Remember, your age can increase body fat and decrease muscle mass.
  • Intensity: Total push-ups you may do in a particular time will determine total calorie output. Make sure to perform your exercise correctly to burn more calories.

Tips to Do Push-ups

Tips to Do Push-ups

If your weight is 180-pound, you can complete push ups at a dynamic pace. By completing 33 push ups in a minute, you can burn almost 35 calories. A person with more weight can burn more calories.

By pushing up your body at an average speed for almost five minutes, you can burn 48 calories.  Make sure to break push ups into different sets to shed extra pounds. In this situation, your calorie burn may be the same. Push ups can be challenging for beginners.

Lean Muscle Mass

You may not be able to burn maximum calories with 100 push-ups daily. To shed extra pounds, try to create a significant calorie deficit. For example, 500 calories daily will help you to lose 1 pound each week.

With the help of push-ups, you can build lean muscle mass. It must be an essential part of your strength-training program. A body with maximum lean mass can be more efficient to burn calories. You can use cardiovascular activity to burn calories.

These activities can rhythmically use major muscle groups for a longer duration. Feel free to combine push ups with other activities, such as walk.

Understand the Benefits of Push-ups

Traditional push-ups play an essential role in build strength of the upper body. They work the shoulders, pectoral muscles and triceps. It can strengthen your core and lower back by engaging abdominal muscles.

These are effective and fast exercises to build strength. It can be sufficient to do push-ups daily. If you are not following a proper form for push ups, it may lead to injuries. Wrong push-ups can increase the chances of shoulder or back pain.

If push-ups are difficult on wrists, consult a physical therapist before push ups. You can perform muscle stretching for vitality and health. Through push ups, you can stretch your back muscles and biceps. These exercises can improve your flexibility and prevent injuries.

Suitable for Cardiovascular System

Push-ups are compound exercises to involve multiple muscle groups. As you simultaneously engage a large group of muscles, your heart will work hard to deliver oxygen-rich blood to tissues of muscles. With the right form of pushups, you can shed extra pounds and promote a healthy heart.

Excellent Full Body Workout

Push ups allow you to work on large muscle groups. With this exercise, you can focus on your lower body and arms. It is an excellent exercise to become healthy and train your muscles. Moreover, push ups prove helpful to train proprioceptive muscle fibers.

You can create stability and balance. It trains you to respond rapidly to stimulation that supports your speed and balance. Push-ups are labeled as a suitable workout for the upper body. During push ups, you can recruit core muscles and keep your back straight.

Full Body Workout by Push-up


Push-ups allow you to burn some calories and increase muscle strength. You have to do push ups in the right way to avoid injuries. Avoid rushing in push ups because wrong motions are not good.

Keep your hips, head, neck, and legs in a straight line. Slowly lift your body from the floor and bring it back to the same position. If you find it difficult to move your body during push-ups, try different variations. Feel free to consult experts to learn the correct form of push-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question. How many calories does each push up burn?

Push up burn 7 calories each minute.

Question. How many calories does 10 sit ups burn?

Sit ups burns 60 calories if you continue it 10 minutes without rest.

Question. Is 50 push-ups a day good?

50 push ups is enough to maintain a good upper body but don’t stick with any number.

Question. How many pushups burn 100 calories?

You have to work out 15 minutes push ups to burn 100 calories.

Question. Should I do 100 pushups a day?

Push ups is effective to be fit and lose weight but don’t stick with any number. Try to start with 20 push ups in a day.

Question. Does the 30 day pushup challenge work?

It is important to be done push up and it is so simple. Yeah, challenge work because setting goal is helpful to get it done.

Question. Do push ups make you bigger?

Push ups increase muscle strength and endurance. It works mainly for the triceps and chest and activates many other muscles in your arms, shoulders, core and legs. Regular push up exercise develop new muscle fibers, resulting in increased muscle mass.

Question. What exercise burns most calories?

Running is the champion of all workout for burning most calories in an hour.

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