Exercises for Females at Home Without Equipment

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Losing weight is a difficult process. It takes dedication and hard work to lose the calories, and it’s so easy to consume more calories than our body needs. That’s why finding the best weight loss exercises for females at home without equipment is a good starting point.

This will get you into the world of fitness but also show you how easy it is to get started, as long as you have the will to stay disciplined. Therefore, let’s break down these 30 exercises into a few categories for the easiest approach.

30 Best Weight Loss Exercises for Female at Home Without Equipment

Not knowing where to get started is one of the reasons people aren’t able to form a healthy workout routine. That’s why we recommend reading this article and picking up a few of these exercises to form your routine.

Weight Loss Exercise for Females at Home for Beginners

1. Squats

Squats are the number one best exercise for weight loss. The greatest thing about it is that you can do bodyweight squats where you don’t need any equipment so you can do it in the comfort of your home.

It’s a great exercise that might take a little bit of time to master by beginners, but it’s one of the compound exercises that brings the most benefits. While performing squats, you’re activating and using muscles throughout your body, hence it being a compound type of exercise. After you master bodyweight squats, you can do variations and start using weights, such as dumbbell squats.

2. Burpees

Burpees are one of the exercises that are often associated with HIIT training (high-intensity interval training). It’s an exercise that’s highly tiring and will get you drenched in sweat, but it’s a great crossover of cardio and bodyweight exercises. The name burpees even comes from the discomfort you might feel during the exercise, but that just shows how beneficial this 2-in-1 exercise is.

It combines a pushup that’s followed by a leap in the air. Such a combination performed in a row can be exhausting, but it’s very beneficial in building both strength and endurance. Besides burning calories, you’ll also boost your cardio fitness, making it closer to your ideal weight goal.

3. Plank

Plank is the type of exercise where you need to hold one position for as long as you possibly can. There’s always a catch with such exercises and the catch here is the position. During a plank, you’re only relying on your arms and feet, being stretched on the floor. As the gravity is pulling you down, the exercise aims to hold the position for as long as you can.

Holding the position will work your core, a variety of muscles used at the same time during the plank, and you’ll build core strength. This exercise can feel demanding for beginners so it’s important to start slowly. However, with such intense position and work you have to put in, you’ll lose calories that can help you start losing weight fast (as long as your diet is in check).

4. Pushups

Pushups are one of the exercises that are often associated with males, but it’s an exercise that can be performed by females. It also makes a great exercise if you’re trying to lose weight and even build muscles, so it’s a versatility most females might be after. The pushups are a fairly simple exercise that can feel hard to do for beginners.

Pushups Exercise for Female

Some of you might not even make one pushup, but that’s when you can look into pushup variations for females. It’s a starting point where you can get a little bit more support until you make enough progress to perform standard pushups.

5. Lunges

Lunges are all about utilizing your lower body muscles such as glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Not only is this exercise ideal for losing weight, but it’s also one of the top exercises for building glutes and shaping the bum.

There are a few different ways you can do lunges with forward lunges being the most common one. Without needing any equipment, you only need a little bit of space in your home to correctly perform lunges. When you progress with the exercise, you can hold weight in your hand to make lunges harder, achieving even better benefits.

6. High Knees

High knees are one of the exercises that are more referred to as a cardio exercise, but it still can burn plenty of calories if you incorporate it into your workout routine and combine it with a few other exercises from this list.

The exercise is very simple to perform and does not need any equipment, you only need a little bit of space as high knees require you to do explosive knee drives. The more intense the workout gets, the better the benefits, and more calories are burned as a result. Some other benefits of high knee raises exercise include muscular endurance, coordination of the used muscles, and even better balance and flexibility.

7. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is one of the favorite things we did when we were little kids, and we enjoyed doing it without even knowing the actual benefits. Jumping rope is a straightforward exercise where you only need a rope to perform the exercise. Of course, besides a little bit of space, jumping rope can be done almost anywhere within your home.

The benefits you can experience include boosting heart rate, coordination improvement, and even building bone density. Not many people know that jumping rope can increase running speed, which is ideal for all females who also run to lose weight. On top of that, jumping rope can decrease anxiety and stress while burning calories, so it’s a very beneficial exercise we recommend including in your workout routine, even if it’s a warm-up exercise.

8. Dumbbell Rows

Dumbbell rows are a great exercise that we highly recommend combining with squats and lunges. This exercise can help you build a stronger back, work on your back muscles, and improve the overall core.

You only need a dumbbell and a little bit of space in your home to perform this exercise, but as you do, besides working your back muscles, you’ll also be losing calories. The great thing about this exercise is that you can burn calories while doing it, but also lose calories during back muscle recovery even when you sleep.

9. Mountain Climbers

Similar to high knees and burpees, mountain climbers are the type of exercise to work different areas of your body while helping you burn calories at the same time. With such an approach, mountain climbers are ideal for females who don’t have much time to exercise, so incorporating an exercise that does bigger parts of your body is beneficial.

With mountain climbers, you can improve heart health, burn calories, work the hamstrings, and glutes, strengthen the core, as well as improve cardiovascular health. There are also a few other benefits such as functional fitness improvement, the building of the quadriceps muscles, and even working out the shoulders. There’s no doubt that this is one of the most beneficial multifunctional exercises that you can do within your home, and still lose weight.

10. Running

Running is something we’ve done ever since we were little kids and we still do occasionally, especially when we’re late for something. Running is a typical cardio exercise that helps you burn calories while you run, but it also has other benefits.

This exercise can help strengthen bones, improve cardiovascular health, provide you with better sleep at night, and even promote mental health benefits. Of course, running is one of the best ways to improve your weight loss process so it’s also one of a few exercises we highly recommend including in your workout routine. To do running indoors, you’ll need a treadmill, but it’s also something you can do anywhere outside.

Fastest Weight Loss Exercise for Females at Home

1. Cycling

Bike riding is an excellent cardio that can contribute a lot to weight loss. It’s something you can do in the comfort of your home if you have a cardio bicycle, but if not, you can do it outdoors with any type of bicycle you possibly have.

Female Cycling at Home

Cycling can help you burn calories by staying active, burn fat, and eventually lose weight. Of course, you should combine cycling with at least a few other exercises from this list, but it’s one of the fastest ways if you pick up cycling and stay consistent.

2. Interval Training

Interval training is also referred to as HIIT which stands for high-intensity interval training which is a type of workout that combines a couple of exercises where your metabolic rate gets higher for hours after the training.

It’s also the most efficient and the fastest way to lose fat, or even gain muscles, depending on the type of exercises you include in your interval training. Be aware that interval training is one of the hardest types of workouts to lose weight, but the results are very rewarding. HIIT can also reduce your blood sugar, reduce heart rate, and blood pressure, and even improve oxygen consumption, benefiting your body.

3. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are very similar to knee raises we’ve mentioned earlier, and they provide similar benefits, but in a much more efficient way. Jumping jacks can accelerate heart rate and boost metabolic rate, resulting in more calories burned during the exercise. It’s one of the high-intensity training that can be included in a HIIT routine. Combining jumping jacks with other exercises can lead to a much faster and more efficient weight loss journey.

What’s great about jumping jacks is that you don’t need any equipment but your body and yet even though it’s simple to learn how to perform the exercise, it’s nowhere near a simple exercise. All the sweat you put into this exercise will pay off!

4. Swimming

Who would’ve thought that swimming can be a great way to lose weight, especially fast, right? Well, swimming is one of the greatest ways to burn calories and enhance your metabolism for an even greater weight loss journey.

Swimming is great for fighting off cardiovascular diseases, burning calories, enhancing metabolism, and doing a complete body workout where many muscle groups work at the same time. The best thing about swimming is that it’s low impact and it’s easy on joints and bones.

That being said, you can also expect to benefit from swimming by reducing stress, improving flexibility, building muscles, and most importantly, losing weight fast. As long as you stay consistent with swimming and include other exercises from this list, you will be on a good path to swift weight loss.

5. Rowing

One of the best ways to lose weight by burning the most calories during the workout is rowing. Of course, you should pair it up with a proper diet, and we recommend pairing it with other exercises too. In such cases, rowing can reduce body fat significantly, especially in the abdominal area.

On top of that, rowing also helps build muscles, especially the upper body, back, arms, and shoulders. Even though you’ll need a rowing machine to do this at home, it’s worth the investment. If not, you can always do it in the gym, which is still indoors.

6. Pilates

If you’re looking for a low-impact workout that will help you lose weight and tone your body, pilates is a lot more powerful than people think. Since pilates focuses on building muscles and muscle tissue, it’s great for body recomposition. This means that pilates can help you build lean muscle mass, as long as you pay attention to your diet, and of course, raise a BMR.

Pilates workout for female

With a raised basal metabolic rate, you can burn more calories during the workout and even burn some calories while you’re resting or sleeping since energy is used for muscle recovery and growth. All you need is a few pieces of equipment and accessories, and you’re good to go!

7. StairMaster

StairMaster is a specific equipment that helps you lose weight and manage your current weight by climbing stairs. Climbing the stairs is a great way to burn calories and just a 30-minute workout a few times a week can do wonders. Fast weight loss results are some of the benefits, but you should pay attention to the calorie intake and combine StairMaster with a few other exercises.

We highly recommend setting a more intense sessions as they’ll help you burn more calories and put your body to a lot more work, which will be beneficial in seeing the number on your scale going down.

8. Kickboxing

Kickboxing is considered an aerobic exercise that can burn calories, which leads to proper weight loss in a shorter period due to the intensity of the workout. If you’ve checked out a few kickboxers, you’ll notice that they have more muscle mass and lower body fat percentage. These are the results you can benefit from by incorporating kickboxing into your workout routine.

On top of that, kickboxing can be a fun and very useful sport to practice for self-defense purposes. Depending on your weight, you can burn a decent amount of calories during the practice session. Combine this with a few other exercises and a healthy diet, and you’ll lose weight faster than you can imagine!

9. Weight Training

Weight training is one of the most proven ways to lose weight. While many people believe cardio is the go-to exercise for weight loss, weight training can provide even better results. By lifting weights and exercising with weighted equipment, you burn calories during the exercise, but also when you’re sleeping or resting. Muscles need energy to rebuild muscles, so you can burn calories even when you’re sleeping.

On top of that, you can combine weight training with cardio, which makes it a killer combination for losing weight the fastest way imaginable. What’s also great is that you can do weight training at home since it only requires a few weighted exercise equipment.

10. Resistance Training

Resistance training is very similar to weight training, and it can incorporate weight, but it’s all about putting your muscles through resistance. By having your muscles resist the exercises, you’ll be building the muscles.

This way, you can burn calories while working out but also when you’re resting when your muscles are recovering. You can get started with a basic set of resistance bands you can get for a great price, and you can do it almost anywhere in your house.

Resistance training helps enhance metabolism, increase muscle mass, improve balance and stability, increase strength, and most importantly, burn fat. With all these benefits, you only need to pay attention to your diet and you’ll be on a good path to losing weight and seeing results quickly.

Full-Body Weight Loss Exercises for Females at Home

1. Weighted Squats

Weighted squats are one of the best exercises if you’re looking to work your whole body. It is a compound exercise that activates and requires many muscle groups throughout the whole body to complete the exercise. Adding weight will improve resistance and ensure even the smallest body muscles play their part.

With so many muscles working at the same time, this compound exercise is ideal for working out your full body at home without needing too much equipment. The benefits are muscle growth and a great amount of calories burned while performing the exercise, and even when resting.

2. Deadlift

Deadlift is one of the few compound exercises that requires you to get a few things right to ensure a proper form, but it’s a very rewarding exercise. This exercise activates many muscle groups, from legs, chest, back, arms, and even shoulders, to correctly perform the exercise. It’s best if you can do weighted deadlifts. You only need a bar and a few weights.

Deadlift exercise for female

Getting the form right is a crucial part of deadlifts because this exercise can lead to back injuries if it’s not done properly. But when you master deadlifts, it’ll be one of the best parts of your workout routine that will help you lose weight fast as you burn many calories during the exercise, and even when all used muscles are recovering.

3. Crunches

Crunches are great for two things. Not only do they help lose weight fast, but they also help tone the body, build muscles, and improve overall body strength. Another great thing about crunches is that you don’t need any equipment and learning how to do crunches is easy.

This exercise can even help improve posture and spinal health, so it’s a versatile enough type of exercise to combine with other exercises from our list over here.

4. Bench Press

The bench press is often considered a man’s workout, but it’s something females can do and should do if they plan on losing weight as fast as possible. While bench press works mostly chest muscles and arms, it burns plenty of calories so this exercise can contribute to the fat burn you’re looking for.

The bench press will require you to have a bench, a bar, and a few weights. But this is often a kit you can place in your garage and start having your little gym inside your home. At the same time, a bench press can help contribute to a higher muscle mass, which also provides great results if you’re interested in not only losing weight and fat but also building muscles.

5. Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Dumbbell bicep curl is a typical exercise for arms, specifically biceps muscles, but it’s also a versatile exercise, just like the bench press. By doing your bicep muscles, you will also build muscle mass, burn calories during the workout and after the workout, and still burn calories and lose fat.

Each set you do will burn a certain amount of calories, and it is a fairly simple and easy-to-understand workout, you can do it almost anywhere in your home, as long as you have a dumbbell. If you don’t have a dumbbell, you can use any heavier objects you can comfortably grip to perform the bicep curl exercise.

6. Alternative Lunges

Alternative lunges is one of the exercises that looks simple but it’s far from simple when being performed. This exercise increases the resting metabolism, which is important if you’re trying to burn calories, lose weight, and burn fat.

You can do alternative lunges without any equipment wherever you have space, and when you master that, you can move to weighted alternative lunges. Alternative lunges help you improve your balance and stability while toning the muscles in your lower body, burning calories, and improving coordination.

Some of the most important muscles alternative lunges hit include glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps, so if you’re looking to have that firm bum and would like to have stronger legs, alternative lunges should be a part of your workout routine.

7. Side Plank

Side plank is a variation of the plank exercise we’ve mentioned earlier and this is considered a harder version by some people. This exercise is all about achieving a good posture, building a stronger core, and improving your balance. At the same time, you won’t put so much pressure on your back or neck as side variation is a bit simpler, but as effective as the traditional plank.

Regardless, side plank is a good calorie and fat burner that is best combined with a couple of other exercises to target more muscle groups. The more muscle groups you target, the more calories you’ll burn off even when you’re resting as all of your muscles will need energy to recover, and that’s how you can shed off calories and fat even when you’re sleeping.

8. Overhead Press

Overhead press is an exercise where you will need a bar and some weights, or at least heavy objects you can securely grab. The point of this exercise is to build muscles, but also to work the body’s core as you use your whole body’s strength to push the weight above your head.

This exercise is considered a compound exercise which means it works more than one or two muscle groups. This increases the amount of calories you burn during the exercise, and even after the exercise. With overhead press activating more muscle groups, more muscles use your energy to recover afterward, which is why it’s one of the top 10 exercises for fast weight loss.

9. Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell swings are a weighted exercise where you only need a kettlebell to perform it so it is ideal to be done in the comfort of your home, and with the number of benefits, it’s worth giving it a try.

Kettlebell Swings for Female

This exercise helps burn fat since the smooth movements of weighted kettlebell swings require your whole body to resist the training, which always results in more calories burned throughout the workout. With such intense exercise, you can also burn calories even when you’re not working out when your muscles are recovering. Kettlebell swings also improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build muscles, and build functional strength.

10. HIIT

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and it’s an exercise that combines a few smaller exercises, which you do in the circles. This type of exercise can help boost metabolism, promoting weight loss, but also burn calories since you get to combine a variety of exercises that target different muscle groups. In the end, you’ll have a good full-body workout, which won’t only help you burn fat and lose weight, but also tone your body and build muscles. At the same time, you will notice an improvement in stamina too, which is just one of many benefits of HIIT.

Female Exercise Routine at Home Without Equipment

You have a bunch of exercises in this post and now is the time to set your home workout routine. We highly recommend choosing at least 6 exercises and combining them in one routine you can do in a timeframe of 45 to 60 minutes.

This will give you a good workout session that you should stick to and repeat it at least 3 or 4 times a week. With these exercises being suitable for home, the time you save on going to the gym, you can use it to add exercise or two.

We highly recommend choosing two compound exercises such as squats and deadlifts, and then a few exercises that work certain muscle groups, such as lunges for the lower body. The goal is to have a set of exercises that will hit your whole body, so even when you’re done working out and are resting, your muscles will still need energy for recovery and growth. This is how you can speed up the weight loss process.


With the 30 best weight loss exercises for females at home without equipment, you are off to a great start in building a quality workout routine that won’t even require you to head to the gym.

These are some of the best exercises because they don’t only burn calories while you’re working out, but they also burn calories when you’re resting. This way, you can speed up the weight loss process. With many of these exercises targeting different muscle groups, besides burning fat, you’ll tone your body and even grow certain muscles.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best exercise to lose weight fast for females?

Squats or deadlifts are some of the best exercises to lose weight fast because they target more muscle groups and help burn the most calories.

How can a woman lose 10 pounds fast?

The fastest way is to be in a calorie deficit, rely on compound exercises, avoid junk food, and ensure a higher protein intake. Add a bit of high-intensity cardio to this and you’ll see results fast.

What is the best home workout routine for women?

A workout routine that combines at least 2 compound exercises with an additional 4 exercises targeting different muscle groups is a good way to create your workout routine.

What are the good ways for girls to exercise at home?

Starting with body-weighted exercises and then moving up to dumbbells and kettlebells is a great starting point for any girl who wants to exercise at home.

What is the best full-body workout for women?

The best full-body workout for women would include squats, deadlifts, alternative lunges, bench presses, dumbbell curls, and overhead presses.

What is the best 4-week fat loss workout plan for a female?

Any exercise plan that includes at least 6 exercises from our list can be a good workout plan for a female. Since every individual is different, you can rely on these exercises to choose the ones you like the most, but remember to hit all important muscle groups.

How to do a female abs workout at home?

You can start by doing body-weighted exercises where you don’t need any equipment such as ab crunches. From there, you can incorporate dumbbells for Russian twists, for example.

What are the 5 full lower body workouts at home without equipment for females?

Squats, lunges, glute bridges, calf raises, and lateral lunges make the 5 best full lower-body workouts at home without equipment for females.

What is the best 5 bedtime exercise for a weight loss female?

Plank, squats, crunches, pushups, and lunges make the best 5 bedtime exercises for a female who’s interested in losing weight.

What are the 5 best aerobic exercises for weight loss at home for females?

Running, skipping, burpees, mountain climbers, and jumping jacks make 5 of the best aerobic exercises at home for females who want to lose weight.

What are some easy women’s exercises?

Some of the easiest women’s exercises include bodyweight lunges, plank, press-ups, and squats.

What exercise burns the most belly fat for a female?

Mountain climbers, plank, or squats are among the top 3 exercises that burn the most belly fat for a female.

What is kegel exercise for women?

A kegel exercise is an exercise where you relax and tighten the muscles in the pelvic floor that control the urine flow. This helps strengthen these muscles to prevent any possible issues.

How does exercise affect female hormones?

Exercise helps decrease excess estrogen levels, which can improve PMS symptoms. As a result, this improves the regularity and quality of menstrual cycles.

Does exercise increase testosterone in females?

Yes, taking advantage of resistance exercises can lead to a testosterone increase in females.

How do you get bigger legs for females without exercise?

It’s hard to get bigger legs for females without exercise, but one of the easiest ways is walking and hiking if you don’t want to rely on typical workout exercises.

How to get rid of lower belly fat female exercise?

Jackknife crunch is a great exercise for this. Lay down straight, extend your arms, and reach for the wall behind you. This will activate your core.

Does exercise help female fertility?

Yes, regular exercise can stimulate egg production. This means that exercise can help with female fertility.

How to get a smaller waist as a female, best exercises?

Mountain climbers, side planks, Russian twists, and crunches are great exercises to consider if you’re a female who wants a smaller waist.

How to increase chest size for females, best exercise?

The number one exercise for increasing chest size is the bench press. It’s an exercise that targets chest muscles and it adds resistance that’s needed to build the muscles.

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