Treadmill On Carpet

Thinking of building your own little gym at home and getting some cardio exercises done? A cardio machine such as a treadmill makes a great pick, but can you put a treadmill on carpet?

Not many people look into treadmills before purchase, but treadmills are always installed on a tile floor or hardwood. If you have carpet in the area you’d like to install the treadmill on, don’t strip the carpet just yet, you’re in the right place. Down below, we’ll show you if you can put a treadmill on carpet and what to expect, so let’s break it down!

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Can You Put a Treadmill on Carpet?

Long story short, yes you can put a treadmill on carpet, but there’s something you should be aware of. There’s a high chance of having your carpet ruined by the treadmill. Even though the treadmill is a stationary cardio equipment, it still puts the weight on the floor, including the carpet.

What commonly happens for people who use a treadmill on carpet is that the carpet takes all the weight of both the cardio machine and the person who uses the machine. After removing the treadmill from the area, noticeable signs of the treadmill’s feet will always be there. Depending on the quality of the carpet, you might never get to recover the carpet and it’s going to stay visible until it drives you crazy enough to change the carpet.

But believe it or not, there are plenty of people who actually purposefully put carpet under the treadmill. This is to soundproof the room and especially minimize the sound when a treadmill is used on the upper floor of the house. While it’s usually something that’s done by mats, it’s also a great way to minimize slippage of the cardio machine if the floor seems too slick or slippery.

However, depending on the carpet type, carpet can sometimes cause inconvenience and even damage to a treadmill. It’s best to think twice before putting a treadmill on carpet and ensuring that even if you use a carpet, it won’t be in the way of the treadmill.

How to Stabilize Treadmill on Carpet

If there’s no other way but to put your treadmill on carpet, you might notice that the treadmill might not be very stable on the carpet. This mostly depends on the type of carpet you have in your home, but also the type of surface that’s on the floor underneath the carpet.

Stabilize Treadmill on Carpet

If you have to stabilize a treadmill on carpet, the best way to do so is to purchase a protective treadmill mat. This is a mat that’s best placed between the treadmill and the carpet. What this mat does is it eliminates the slippage of the treadmill during use, but it also helps ensure that your carpet doesn’t get damaged as a result.

In our case, using a mat on the carpet before putting the cardio helped ensure that we didn’t get any sweat onto the carpet too. The same applies to machine residue, especially if you have lighter carpet or carpet types that are very hard to wash and clean.

Most treadmills also have adjustable legs, which you can use to find the proper balance, in case your mat or the floor isn’t very flat. While this often resolves the stabilization issue of a treadmill on the carpet, it might not get the job done every single time. Again, most of it depends on how flat your floor is, the material, and the thickness of your carpet.

Can You Put the Treadmill Upstairs?

Yes, of course. One of the gyms I go to is on the upper floor of the building with a grocery store underneath it. They have many treadmills in one section of the gym. Even though they don’t have the carpet in the gym, they do have tiles and yet there are no issues with using treadmills upstairs.

However, if you’re living in the apartment, you need to follow a building code of the weight you can put on the floor level you’re at. For example, a quality treadmill weighs at least 250 lb, and if we count the person’s weight (around 200+ lb), the total weight in one spot can reach up to 450 to 500 lbs. This is something you should take into consideration.

Put the Treadmill Upstairs

The second thing you should take into consideration is the noise. A treadmill can be noisy and there’s nothing like hearing a noisy treadmill from above. Luckily, there are ways to minimize the noise, and some of the solutions include a hard mat or carpet.

Lastly, the treadmill can move during use, depending on the quality of the legs that are provided. This is also something you can take care of and even eliminate the issue by installing a floor mat or a carpet. Therefore, if you have a carpet and you want to use a treadmill upstairs, you’re actually in luck.

Don’t forget to think through the spot and the room you’re putting the treadmill in. You need to have a controlled temperature in the room, proper air circulation, a well-lit area, and enough space to install the treadmill.

Best Places to Put Your Treadmill

The most ideal place to put your treadmill is a separate workout room. It’s always the best idea to have a room for training, if that’s possible, of course. While it’s a dream for many, if you have enough space, we highly recommend you get down to redecorating and creating your room. If that’s not your plan, a decently sized garage will do well too.

The benefits of putting a treadmill in your own workout space are that you won’t get distracted, you won’t have to go to the gym, and yet you’ll feel like you’re putting in the work in the gym.

If that’s not an option, the next best place to use is a spare bedroom. If your house is big enough that you have a spare room or a spare bedroom, that’s the best place to put and use a treadmill since not many people will go in there and the room might not be used and occupied much.

When you don’t have the luxury of a larger house, utilizing your living room to place a treadmill is also a decent option. You can have it displayed in your living room or you can try and store it when you’re done – it’s up to you.

But if you don’t have even a tiny bit of space in the living room, the last place you can put your treadmill in is the bedroom. While it might be a bit tight and you might get nagged by your spouse, it’s the last resort to still getting a bit of cardio exercise right from your home.

Keep in mind that you should also ensure you can control the temperature in that area so you can set it to a bit colder if needed when working out. Also, you’d want to have proper ventilation or decently sized windows, and a light of light so you can enjoy your cardio workout. If you manage to get a nice view while on a treadmill, that’s a big plus!

Treadmill Mat for Carpet: Is it Useful?

One thing we haven’t informed you about yet is that using a treadmill on a carpet can get fibers and dust in the air, unlike any other cardio machine. To prevent doing so when a treadmill is in use, a treadmill mat is a great addition to get.

A treadmill mat is a versatile tool that can help ensure no dust flies around while you’re working out and that the treadmill doesn’t get any grease or lubricants onto the carpet. At the same time, a quality treadmill mat can also protect the carpet from your sweat as you exercise, and it can even balance out the treadmill by providing a stronger and flatter surface than a carpet.

Another benefit is the ability to preserve the carpet and avoid any long-term damage. Lastly, it adds up to the aesthetics of the cardio machine in the room.

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Should you put something under a treadmill on carpet?

In most cases, yes, you could benefit by putting a treadmill mat underneath the treadmill.

What kind of mat should I put under my treadmill?

A mat that’s specifically made for treadmills is a good choice because it is strong enough to endure the weight and vibration of the treadmill itself.

What is the best surface to put a treadmill on?

The best surface to put a treadmill on is always a hardwood floor or tiles.

Where should I put my treadmill in my house?

If you have a spare room or garage, that’s a great spot. When you have a really large home, building a small room for a home gym is a great project too. But if you lack space, a living room or a bedroom can also be a good choice.

How thick should a mat be under a treadmill?

Standard mats for a treadmill are about 3/18 inch and that’s good enough to cushion the vibration and bouncing of a treadmill and the person’s motion while using the treadmill.

Do I need a mat under my treadmill on hardwood floors?

No, a mat isn’t necessary for hardwood floors when using a treadmill. However, you can still use it to eliminate any sweat, vibration, or grease ending up on the floor.

Should you put a treadmill against a wall?

You should never put a treadmill too close against a wall, especially not a wall behind you. In the case of an accident, you still want to have enough space to drop and fall behind, rather than getting stuck and projected onto a wall that can cause further damage and injuries.

How much floor space does a treadmill need?

Treadmills usually need about 3 feet of width, 6 feet of length, and 5 feet of height.

Is it okay to put a treadmill in the bedroom?

Yes, it’s an okay idea if you have just enough space and are willing to sacrifice a bit of space to use a treadmill in your bedroom.

Can you put a treadmill on a foam mat?

A foam mat might not be the best option out there, and it’s definitely not a better choice than a hard mat, but it’s still an okay idea if you can’t get a hard mat.

Can I use a yoga mat under my treadmill?

While a yoga mat might not be the best choice since it won’t absorb shock and vibration as well as a hard mat, it’s still a decent option if you don’t have a better mat.

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