How to Clean a Treadmill

With a treadmill at your home, it will be easy for you to exercise without going to the gym. Fortunately, it is easy to maintain treadmills. To keep treadmills functional, you have to clean its surface after every use. Vacuum around and inside the machine. You have to lubricate the deck of the treadmill. For your guidance, here are some tips to Clean Treadmill.

Wipe Down a Treadmill

Use a wet cloth to wipe down a treadmill after every use. Feel free to choose a sanitizing wipe or a wet cloth. Carefully clean handles of a treadmill, screen, and belt because these things may cover with sweet. These areas of your machine may corrode because of sweat.

Wipe down different surface areas on a machine to kill germs. It is specifically essential if you are sharing your treadmill with others.

Clean an Area Under Treadmill

Treadmills may wear down with accumulated dust and dirt. If you want to keep your treadmill clean, make sure to vacuum the flooring around and under the treadmill. Repeat this for almost once a week. For a heavy treadmill, you will need a vacuum because it is not easy to lift it up. Use hose attachment of vacuum and stick them under to suck up maximum dust and dirt.

Clean an Area Under Treadmill

Remove Dust Monthly

It is essential to vacuum inside a treadmill each month to remove dirt and dust. Unplug a treadmill from the wall and remove screws with a screwdriver. Make sure to hold a hood in place and follow the instructions as per the manual to remove the hood.

Use a hose attachment on the vacuum to remove dust and dirt from the motor. Stick the hose of vacuum under a belt to vacuum the deck of the treadmill. The treadmill hood is located on the base of the front, under the screen of the machine. The treadmill deck is the machine floor underneath the moving belt.

Remember, the dust build-up is common around and under the treadmill. Make sure to clean the treadmill’s motor to increase its efficiency. Clean the deck to decrease friction that may break down a belt with time.

Lubricate a Deck

After every 150 miles, you have to lubricate a deck. It will protect your belt from wearing out. Feel free to use an Allen wrench for losing the bolts in the back of the treadmill by turning them counter-clockwise. It may make a belt lose to lift it easily.

Lift a belt and apply almost 28 grams of silicone lubricant wax, liquid, or spray. It is necessary to decrease the friction of the belt as you run or walk. Some best treadmills feature self-lubrication; therefore, there is no need to use wax or spray. You have to check the manual before using a lubricant.

A few brands need a particular type of spray or wax. You have to check the manual of your treadmill manufacturer before using a lubricant. There is no need to spray a lubricant on a belt because it may make a belt slippery.

Tighten Your Belt to Manage Tension

If a belt on a treadmill is wiggling around, it may be stretched slightly and need some tightening. The belt may be stretched a bit and should be tightened. Several machines have two bolts at the deck. You can use an Allen wrench to adjust the bolts clockwise.

Remember, you may not need to follow a specific schedule to tighten the belt. Feel free to do this as per your need. If a belt is sliding or wiggling, you can make the belt tight. Along with stretching, the belt on the treadmill may slide to one side.

On several machines, it is easy to realign a belt by adjusting its bolts. You will need an Allen wrench to adjust the bolts until the belt aligns to its right place. Remember, each machine is different. Check the manual of the owner to see the process of alignment.

Put Treadmill on an Even Surface

For the protection of a treadmill, you have to put it on an even surface. It will help you to decrease friction and keep its belt aligned. Moreover, it is essential to protect the deck and belt from wearing down quickly.

If you want to keep a treadmill on an even surface, put one level across your belt. It will help you to find out if the floors are event. Feel free to adjust the position of the treadmill accordingly.

Put Treadmill on an Even Surface

Use an Outlet with Surge Protectors

To protect the electronics of the machine, plug it into one surge-protected outlet. It will keep electronics of treadmill safe during power outages and surges. Make sure to unplug a treadmill if you are not using it to protect the machine’s computer.

For a decrease in vibration, you will need a treadmill mat. It will protect your treadmill from dirt and dust. Moreover, it is an easy way to decrease vibrations. Remember, vibration can make your deck and belt wear down quickly.

With the use of a mat, you can reduce the noise of the machine. A treadmill mat can protect underneath the floor. The cost of treadmill mats may vary, such as $15 USD. These are available at several stores offering fitness equipment.

Keep an eye on the belt if its speed is erratic. Feel free to tune on the machine to run it at a slow speed. If you are diligent in maintaining your treadmill, the belt will wear down inevitably with time. Sometimes, you have to purchase a new belt from the store.

Final Verdict

It is necessary to clean a treadmill to increase its life and improve performance. Keep an eye on the performance of your machine and condition of the belt. If you are feeling a burning smell, immediately unplug your machine.

Carefully check the power cords to fix the display of a console. In your fitness routine, a treadmill is a significant investment. Put your treadmill in a mat to protect the underneath floor. You have to follow a maintenance schedule for the electrical and mechanical parts.

It is essential to focus on the health of electrical and mechanical parts. Owners often forget to clean a belt and decrease the life of a machine. With the help of treadmill reviews, you will be able to choose the best machine.

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