Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has numerous health benefits and protects you from different diseases. It is a healthy beverage loaded with antioxidants. With green tea, you can improve your brain function, trigger fat loss, and offer protection against cancer. See the potential health benefits of green tea.

Top 10 Evidence Based Health Benefits of Green Tea

1. Bioactive Compounds

Green tea has a bioactive compound that makes it a hydrating and healthy beverage. The green tea plant has several healthy compounds. Tea has polyphenols that are natural compound with several health benefits, such as decreasing inflammation. It is suitable to deal with cancer.

The Benefits of Green Tea make it essential in your life. Herbal tea has catechin known as EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate). Catechins are natural antioxidants to avoid cell damages and benefits.

These substances may decrease the creation of free radicals in your body and protect molecules and cells from damages. Remember, these free radicals can increase the chances of aging and different other illnesses.

EGCG is a powerful compound of green tea. This main compound gives several medicinal properties to green tea. Remember, herbal tea has several minerals that are beneficial for your health.

Try to select the best brand of green tea to enjoy its health benefits. Remember, some low-quality brands may have a large quantity of fluoride. These brands can increase risks over benefits.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

2. Excellent Remedy for Weight Loss

Some evidence proposes that green tea is beneficial for weight loss. The EGCG is an active ingredient in green tea to shed extra pounds. Moreover, it will be a healthy replacement for sugary drinks.

Make sure to drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea daily. It is better than drinking soda and sugary beverages. Avoid adding sugar or honey in green tea. To increase its benefits, feel free to squeeze one lemon into it.

Green tea can make your metabolism efficient. It contains caffeine and flavonoid known as catechin. With this antioxidant, your body can break down extra fat. Moreover, caffeine and catechin can increase the energy for your body.

To increase the Benefits of Green Tea, you have to follow a routine of healthy diet and exercise. Eat plenty of vegetables and fresh fruits to increase positive results. You can drink green tea between meals to curb your appetite.

3. Good for Your Brain

Green tea can boost your brain function and keep you alert. Caffeine is an active ingredient in green tea that is a famous stimulant. Remember, the amount of caffeine in green tea is less than coffee. It is sufficient to keep you active without any jittery effect related to excessive use of caffeine.

Caffeine can block adenosine (an inhibitory neurotransmitter) in your brain. In this way, it can increase the firing of neurons and the accumulation of neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine and dopamine. The caffeine is suitable to improve several aspects of brain function, such as memory, reaction time, vigilance and mood.

Green Tea Good for Your Brain

Moreover, green tea has amino acid (L-theanine) that can cross the barrier of blood-brain. L-theanine can increase the activity of your GABA inhibitory neurotransmitter that has anti-anxiety effects. It increases the creation of alpha waves and dopamine in your brain.

L-theanine and caffeine may have synergistic effects. It can improve the function of your brain. Remember, L-theanine and caffeine are essential compounds in green tea. You will get stable energy and become more productive.

4. Increase Fat Burning Speed

Green tea extract is an essential part of fat burning supplements. With the consistent use of green tea, you can boost metabolic and fat burning rate. Remember, the impacts and benefits of green tea may vary from individual to individual.

Caffeine can increase your energy and boost physical performance by activating fatty acids from your fat tissues. You can use green tea to increase energy. A cup of green tea can increase your antioxidant levels.

To burn extra fat, your body will break down the fat cell and move them in your bloodstream. EGCG is the primary antioxidant in the tea to inhibit an enzyme from breaking down the norepinephrine hormone.

By inhibiting this enzyme, it is possible to increase norepinephrine and promote the breakdown of fat. Remember, EGCG and caffeine is available naturally in green tea. It stimulates the breakdown of fat and releases it in your bloodstream.

Green Tea IncreaseFat Burning Speed
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5. Good to Prevent Cancer

Green tea can decrease the chances of cancer by promoting the growth of healthy cells. Some researches claim that it can destroy cancer cells. Remember, you should not depend on green tea for the treatment of cancer.

With polyphenols, green tea can protect you from different diseases. Green tea can repair damaged cells and protect your heart. It decreases bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL).

Green tea can decrease the chances of breast cancer. In women, green tea can decrease the risk of breast cancer to almost 20 to 30 percent. Moreover, you can prevent prostate cancer with the consistent use of green tea. With green tea, it is possible to decrease the chances of colorectal cancer.

6. Amazing Relaxing Ritual

Sipping green tea can make you relax and slow down the activity of the brain. Theanine is a natural compound in green tea to offer a calming effect. You can drink a cup of green tea with lemon to relax. It allows you to feel fresh and calm.

To increase the benefits of green tea, avoid adding green tea to simmering water. Remember, it is not good for catechins and other healthy chemicals in the tea. The temperature of the water must be 160 to 170 degrees.

You should add lemon because vitamin C can make catechins easy to absorb. Moreover, dairy makes it challenging to absorb. Nutrient levels of green tea may vary. Top-quality green tea may have more nutrients than cheaper versions.

7. Prevent Brain Aging

Remember, consistent use of green tea has several short-term and long-term health benefits for the brain. It can protect your brain from aging. Moreover, neurodegenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s disease can be the reason for dementia in adults.

Parkinson’s is responsible for the demise of neurons responsible for producing dopamine in your brain. Numerous studies prove that green tea has a catechin compound that is good for neurons. With the consistent use of green tea, you can decrease the chances of dementia.

Green Tea Prevent Brain Aging

8. Excellent to Avoid Type II Diabetes

Nowadays, type II diabetes is becoming a common problem. In this condition, sugar levels in the blood will elevate because of insulin resistance. Your pancreas may lose its ability to produce insulin. With the use of green tea, you can decrease the sugar level of blood.

Consistent use of green tea can decrease the risk of developing type II diabetes to almost 42%. Remember, green tea can slightly decrease blood sugar. You can increase the benefits of your medicine by drinking green tea along with it.

9. Decrease the Chances of Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke and heart diseases, are the main reasons of death around the world. The green tea can decrease the risk of heart diseases. It can improve total cholesterol levels. Remember, green tea can increase the capacity of your blood.

Antioxidants of green tea can protect the particles of LDL from oxidation. As a result, it can decrease the chances of cardiovascular diseases. By regularly drinking green tea, you can decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases up to 31%.

10. Increase Quality of Life

Benefits of green tea are incomplete without mentioning its impact on your life. Green tea has several healthy compounds to protect you from heart diseases and cancer. It can help you live a long and healthy life. Heart diseases and strokes are significant causes of deaths around the world.

With the use of green tea, you can decrease the chances of cancers and heart diseases. Green tea can regulate your glucose level after eating food. Moreover, it prevents insulin spikes and fat storage. You can decrease the chances of esophageal cancer.

It can kill cancer cells without damaging healthy tissues. Moreover, cholesterol can decrease bad cholesterol in your blood and improve the ratio of healthy cholesterol. Catechin in green tea can destroy viruses and bacteria that may cause dental caries and throat infections.

Increase Quality of Life

Final Verdict

Benefits of green tea make it essential for you to drink almost 2 to 3 cups daily. Tea catechins have strong antiviral and antibacterial agents. Compounds of green tea make it useful to treat different diseases, such as influenza and cancer.

Green tea is beneficial for your skin to avoid aging and wrinkles. With its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities, it is beneficial for your overall health. Remember, green tea allows you to feel better, lose weight and decrease the chances of chronic diseases.

It is essential to include green tea in your regular life. With green tea, you will feel better and lose weight. Moreover, it can decrease the danger of chronic diseases. You have to make green tea a vital part of your life.

Green tea has several health-promoting compounds. Regularly drinking green tea can be useful to decrease the chances of cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. By drinking more green tea, you can improve your overall health.

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