Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review

If you want to do exercise without extra stress on your joints, you will need a recumbent bike. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike allows you to exercise glutes, calves and thigh muscles without any strain. Investment in Schwinn products can be an excellent deal. You will get the best exercise bike for your workout needs.

Recumbent bikes are low impact machines for perfect cardio in rehabilitation. It is an affordable bike with tons of exercise programs and 25 resistance levels. You can use it to exercise in the comfort of your home.

This bike has a wide and comfortable seat with excellent backrest. It allows you to maintain your health without any additional expense. No doubt, it is the best recumbent bike available in the market.

Schwinn 270 is compatible with several online fitness apps. You can upload or track your data as per your convenience. It features a small footprint and good warranty. No doubt, it is a stable, sturdy and solid recumbent bike. This bike is suitable for longer workouts. You will get the best results for mental and physical fitness.

By riding this bike consistently, you can improve your overall health with less suffering and physical pain. If you are worried about stability and balance, it is an excellent choice. You will get an excellent sense of security. The design of this bike is large in a semi-reclined position.

The bike has numerous workout programs to plan a workout. For seniors, this exercise bike is highly recommended. It will not put extra pressure on your knees and other joints. You can stay fit without hurting yourself. If you cannot afford an expensive bike, feel free to invest in Schwinn 270 bike. Remember, you will not get a chest strap with this bike. You have to pay extra money to buy additional accessories. In short, it will be an excellent investment for everyone in your family.

Highlighted Features of Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

  • Bluetooth connectivity and synchronization with trainer app of Schwinn and fitness tracking apps
  • Easy to sync with RideSocial app (free downloadable) to see the world and ride virtually with your friends
  • 29 special programs, such as 9 heart rate controls, 12 profiles, 2 fitness tests, 4 custom and 1 quick start
  • Plug into a standard wall outlet on almost 110V to 120V circuit, 1.5A output, 120V 60H AC input, 50 to 60Hz and 240V adapter
  • Better workout intensity with 25 resistance levels
  • High inertia drive system and high speed with one perimeter weighted flywheel for convenient and smooth startup and consistent workouts
  • LCD DualTrack displays, in-console speakers, media shelf with MP3 input port, adjustable fan and USB media charging
  • Adjustable fan for a consistent workout
  • Two LCDs to display almost 13 feedbacks
  • Ergonomically situated handles, such as pulse sensors for information of heart rate
  • Water bottle holder
  • Transport wheels
  • Lever for adjustment of seat
  • Aluminum slider rail system
  • Vented backrest for extra comfort


  • Weight: 132 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 64 x 27 x 50 inches
  • Dual track double LCDs
  • 29 programs in console
  • 25 resistance levels
  • 17-pound flywheel weight

10-year warranty for frame, 1 year warranty for electronics, 3 months labor warranty and 2 years mechanical warranty

Best Console

Schwinn 270 features the best console among others. It has several amazing features and numerous other options. You can enjoy the best exercising experience with this bike. The console has dual LCDs to track your progress. During your exercise, you can track different data on two displays.

Best Console

The LCD consoles are backlit; therefore, you can use them easily in darkness. On the console, you can use 29 programs. You can get the advantage of preset programs. It will help you to get started easily. Remember, present programs will decrease your tension to choose and customize an exercise program.

Different programs are available to keep you motivated toward fitness goals. Users can get the advantage of different types of programs. For instance, heart rate programs, profiles, user settings, fitness settings and goal settings. Undoubtedly, 29 is a huge number of exercise programs on a bike. There are customizable programs to set up everything. You can get the advantage of purposeful exercises.

Furthermore, it is easy to track speed, exercise data, distance and time on the bike. You will get hand grip and telemetric sensors on the handles to track your heart rate.

Several Resistance Levels

Typically, the weight of flywheel dictates the resistance intensity on a bike. The Schwinn 270 recumbent exercise bike features 25 resistance levels. You can bring different variations in your workout. Feel free to experiment with different resistance levels. It is easy to adjust the resistance level.

You can decrease or increase the level of resistance. The bike allows you to manage between low and medium intensity. For riders, it comes with ten keys to jump between resistance levels quickly.

Backrest And Seat

For a comfortable workout, Schwinn 270 comes with a comfortable backrest and seat. No doubt, the seating system is a focal point of this bike. The seat has sufficient cushion for maximum comfort. It proves helpful for you to manage a workout for a longer duration. The bike allows you to achieve your fitness goals.

Moreover, you can adjust the seat of Schwinn 270. The bike features an aluminum rail slider system to adjust the seat quickly. You can adjust the seat backwards and forward. It is easy to set the accurate distance from pedals to exercise smoothly.

Backrest increase comfort for each workout session. It is designed to promote better airflow. With its help, you can keep your body and seating space cool. The solid lumber offers maximum support for your back. You can avoid unnecessary back pain and other injuries. 

Backrest and Seat of Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Comfortable Handlebars

Schwinn 270 bike features two handlebars on the front along with a console. The seat has another pair for the convenience of users. You can get the advantage of a stable exercise routine with front handlebars. Make sure to move the seat forward and hold on the handlebars for comfortable pedaling. It will increase stability in your ride.

Moreover, the handlebars of seat offer maximum comfort to the rider. You can put your arms and continue pedaling. These handlebars come with integrated grip sensors to measure pulse. Use them conveniently to track heart rate. Remember, the heart rate will be visible on the monitor.

Wide Pedals

Pedals of Schwinn 270 are extra wide; therefore, you can enjoy comfortable pedaling. You will get a non-slippery and wide surface for pedaling. It comes with adjustable straps for the security of your feet. Wide and secure pedals allow you to pedal faster without worrying about any slipping accident.

If you are pedaling on Schwinn 270, you should not think about sweating. It has three cooling fans to keep your body cool. You can enjoy an intense workout without worrying about heat.  Moreover, keep yourself hydrated while pedaling because a water bottle holder is available.

It is easy to move this bike because of its transportation wheels. Easily move your bike to a suitable place without lifting the entire bike. There is no need to hurt your muscles while moving this bike from one place to another.

Wide Pedals

Ultimate Comfort with padded seat

Before purchasing a recumbent exercise bike, it is essential to think about comfort. It is an essential factor for several users. Numerous people choose a recumbent bike to get rid of back pain and other issues. Use of Schwinn 270 will help you to stay in shape without any compromise.

You should not worry about strain or pressure on your back. The bike is designed for people suffering from back pain. You can stay in shape without hurting your back and knees. Remember, Schwinn is famous for understanding these needs. Schwinn 270 features a padded seat and improved support for the lower back.

It offers better comfort and extra support for your workout. Feel free to adjust the seat of this bike for several postures. The vented back is enough to keep your body cool. You can avoid overheating without any tension.

DualTrack Technology

In this middle range model, you will get numerous impressive features in Schwinn 270. It has 29 programs with user profiles and heart rate controls. There are total 25 resistance levels; therefore, it is easy to move from a lighter workout to a heavy workout. You can move between different programs with the touch of a button. The equipment is digital; therefore, you should not worry about rotating knobs to obtain desired settings.

On the monitor, you can see 13 statistical parameters. It is divided into two columns to display the results of the workout. Moreover, it displays your workout goals. The results include calories, overall distance, intensity, RPM, pulse and several more. These results are enough to increase your motivation and manage training goals. You can transfer your workout data into one USB drive. Connect yourself to SchwinnConnect or MyFitnessPal for data tracking. LCD may not use batteries, but you have to plug it into the wall.

Additional Features

You can get the advantage of acoustic chamber speakers and a water bottle holder at Schwinn 270. Feel free to have a break without getting off the bike. Remember, the bike comes with transport wheels for easy movement. The heart rate monitor is an excellent feature to keep an eye on your pulse rate.

For a hands-free workout, you can use a chest strap monitor. It is not available with the bike, but you have to purchase it separately. This feature is amazing for people with heart issues. You can stay in a target zone.

Workout Programs

Workout Programs

Schwinn 270 exercise bike is special for its workout programs. The console has dozens of fitness tests and programs. It allows users to create a workout routine. You can save almost four routines simultaneously. Moreover, this bike is compatible with RideSocial.

Fitness tests and workout routines can be noticed on one LCD. The screen shows maximum fitness data and has a prominent goal data field. In this field, you can see the time, workout objectives and distance. There will be 29 preset workouts for your bike:

  • Manual mode (quick-start)
  • Beginner, recovery, and advanced (Three tests for fitness)
  • Four programs user-defined
  • 9 programs for heart rate control (five advanced, four beginners)
  • 12 programs profile

RideSocial mobile app is available for Apple and Android devices. It can help you to tour the world virtually while riding. Use of this app will help you to preview mixed reality and download it partially. These videos are easy to play on a home entertainment system and mobile devices. You can ride easily with street-level HD views.

Three famous choices are Blair Castle Ireland, Venice Beach and Tibet. Some routes are filmed through VR 360 technology to look around virtually when riding. The bike app is social because avatars for RideSocial users will be available along the route. Feel free to coordinate times of bike riding with your real friends.

Amazing Quality

Schwinn 270 recumbent bike is a leader in the world of cycling. They understand the importance of quality and reliability. The high-inertia, high-speed perimeter weighted flywheel can keep this machine fixed to the ground. Its oversized pedals can increase your convenience.

Adjustability And Resistance

The Schwinn 270 is suitable for people between 4’ 11” and 6’ 3”. If you fall in this range, you can easily adjust this bike as per your needs. Feel free to adjust this seat between 19-inch and 22.5-inch. You can modify this seat as per your needs.

For adjustment, there is a lever under your seat. After finding the right position, you can lock the lever. Schwinn 270 comes with magnetic resistance. Remember, this machine is smooth and quiet. To control its resistance level, you can choose ten jump buttons. By moving resistance, the magnet will move further or closer away from its flywheel.

Map And Track Your Workout

You can explore the app to move at your pace while using Schwinn 270. The world apps can adjust to your desired speed. Discover different route lengths with several new destinations. Track pace, speed, time, heart rate, distance and calories. Feel free to sync your data with famous apps.

Map And Track Your Workout

Great Design For Seniors

The 270 features a walk through style and comfortable seating to get on/off from the bike easily. If you have limited motion, this bike is suitable for you. This bike has a durable frame for users of almost 300 pounds.

The seat of this bike offers maximum lumbar support. The ventilated seat back can keep you cool. Moreover, the bottom of this bike is cushioned correctly for your comfort. You can adjust the distance of the seat from pedals by smoothly sliding it along an aluminum rail.

A 17 pounds magnetic flywheel offers excellent resistance for a versatile workout. It comes with a digital control and 25 resistance settings. The resistance system is robust as compared to others. Undoubtedly, it has plenty of exclusive features for everyone. Heart rate is easy to measure with contact sensors and chest strap.

Contact sensors are integrated into the bike. Some people complaints about inaccurate reading. You can power your devices with the help of a USB port. MP3 player jack is integrated with the console. An accessory tray, bottle holder and a three-speed fan are some special features.

Pros Of Schwinn 270

The Schwinn 270 is famous among people for its unique properties and smooth riding experience. Here are some important reasons for its popularity.

  • Walk-through Design: The 270 features an easy to access walk-through design. It is free from a bar to impede your access from a seat. This bike is low to the floor as compared to upright bikes.
  • Sturdy: Schwinn 270 is a heavy and durable machine. The bike weighs only 88 pounds; therefore, you can carry this bike easily. It can manage 300 pounds. For extra stability, the bike offers center support.
  • Comfortable Seating: Seat is an essential factor on your recumbent bike. The seat is similar to a chair with excellent cushioning and lumbar support. The airflow of the back is good to manage the temperature of your body.
  • Resistance: The current resistance of bike is quiet eddy. It is divided into 25 resistance levels.
  • User Profiles: It has four user profiles; therefore, four family members can use it simultaneously. Every member can save the details of workout, personal data and custom programs.
  • USB Data Transfer: The bike has advanced features to track fitness. It comes with a USB drive to store data. Feel free to upload it to Schwinn Connect website. The bike has a compatible interface to MyFitnessPal. Data of this app can be integrated from several sources to create a comprehensive workout activity.
  • Integrated Fitness Program: Training support is available in the form of 29 exercise modes. There are 9 control workouts for heart rate and 12 profile exercise programs (custom, beginner and advanced). Furthermore, trainees get a chance to save almost four programs. Schwinn 270 offers extra programming options as compared to other bikes.
  • Heart Rate Monitors: The bike comes with wireless telemetry and a heart rate monitor. Moreover, the chest strap is suitable to monitor through wireless technology.
  • Sound System: You can enjoy your favorite tunes during each workout to pass your time quickly. The bike features a unique acoustic system to play MP3 files.
  • Extra Features: It has a water bottle holder, charging port, a three-speed fan and one accessory tray.
  • Excellent Capacity: The maximum capacity for user weight is 136 kilograms or 300 pounds.

Cons Of Schwinn 270

No doubt, Schwinn 270 has several positive reviews. Some people find that its console is confusing. It has several choices, and customers find it difficult to operate its console. Some possible disadvantages are as under:

  • Light Flywheel: Weight of flywheel is almost 17 pounds. For several people, it is lightweight because they need heavy wheels. You may not get strong resistance and smooth riding experience with this flywheel.
  • Not Good for Tall People: This bike is not great for tall riders because they are unable to extend their legs.
  • Weak Packaging: Schwinn 270 bikes are shipped in weak packaging; therefore, people complaint about damaged packaging. It can be stronger for maximum security.
  • Manual Monitor: Manual pulse monitor is not good because it may not work in a better way. The bike has wireless monitoring.
  • Imperfect Parts: Some customers make a complaint about receiving defective products. There is nothing to worry because Schwinn is cooperative to replace their defective parts.

Final Verdict

Schwinn 270 recumbent bike is available at an affordable price. It has several unusual features to improve your fitness and overall health. You will get the excellent value of your money by investing in Schwinn 270. It supports different workout programs, such as heart rate controls. Riders can ride in virtual reality atmosphere.

It is a home exercise bike with several user profiles. This bike is suitable for an entire family because almost four people can use it at a time. You can get the advantage of an efficient cardio workout. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent way to tone your lower body. The bike is suitable for short and tall people.

You can easily assemble this bike without any special tool. Fortunately, this bike is available with all tools available in the package. Remember, assembly takes almost one hour. The bike is popular and well-designed. Dimensions of this bike are 50-inch x 27-inch x 64-inch.

The bike has numerous programs that are excellent to achieve your fitness goals. You can easily track time, speed, distance and several other metrics. This bike is compatible with a pulse and wireless sensors. It has a convenient and comfortable seat for a lengthy workout. As compared to expensive fitness models, this bike has numerous unique features.

If you need the best product, feel free to invest in Schwinn 270. The bike stands up to several intense workouts. Some people complaints about the inaccuracies from pulse sensors. There is nothing to worry because these are minor problems. You can solve these issues easily without any tension.

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