Schwinn 213 Recumbent Bike Review

The popularity of recumbent bikes is frequently increasing because of their health benefits. No doubt, several brands are available in the market. Schwinn is a unique brand to satisfy fitness requirements for a huge client base. If you are looking for the best bike, you can choose Schwinn 213 Recumbent Bike.

Schwinn offers different recumbent bikes to appeal entry-level to serious cyclists. The 213 has numerous exclusive features to satisfy your workout needs. You can use this bike in different ways to meet your weight loss goals.

Overall, the look of Schwinn 213 is a bit boxy with a chunky frame and hard edge, but usually the appearances seem to be deceiving. The magnetic resistance of this bike is of 16 levels and this can be adjusted easily while having a ride by just pushing a button located on the console of the bike.

The console of Schwinn 213 is quite good with a built-in fan which is really easy to use and read. It shows a number of options to view such as speed, calories, watts, RPM, interval time, pulse, Alpha-numeric prompts, resistance, distance, and time.

Highlighted Features of Schwinn 213 Recumbent Bike

  • 300 pounds maximum weight capacity for users
  • Flexible fan to manage your temperature during workouts
  • Comfortable and wide Bio-Fit pedals and micro-adjustable aft/fore seat slider
  • 16 levels for resistance
  • Bottle holder under the seat to easily access water
  • 10 year warranty for the frame, one year warranty for electrical items and six months warranty for wear items
  •  Schwinn Bio-Fit angle that contain adjustable handlebars with integrated grip heart rate sensors along with a micro-adjustable console slider
  •  Backlit LCD display including Interval Time, Time, RPM, Distance, Watts, Pulse, Calories, Speed, Resistance and specific Alpha-numeric prompts
  •  Workout programs involving 6 profile courses with BMI Measurement, Calorie Goal, Recovery Test, Quick Start, Results Mode, and 1 Manual mode
  • Integrated magazine holder on the bike’s seat back

High-Quality Design

The Schwinn 213 bike is famous for two things, such as quality and reliability. Use of this bike will help you to challenge your body. It is ideal for small apartments because of its size and weight. You can easily move this bike around without any trouble. The frame of this bike is made of high-quality and powder-coated steel.

It features an anti-corrosive design and can bear almost 300 pounds. The rubber and plastic parts are built perfectly. You can increase the life of your recumbent bike with good maintenance and care.

Magnetic Resistance and Console

The bike features magnetic resistance of almost 16 levels. It is easy to change the resistance of your bike with a simple knob. You can choose between sixteen different levels while cycling. To change resistance level, buttons are available on a user-friendly console. Remember, the console comes with an integrated fan. Everything is easy to use and read.

You will get feedback, such as interval time, distance, watts, time, pulse, RPM, distance, and calories. For your convenience, alpha-numeric prompts are available. It has a bio-fit comfortable seat with double posture lumbar support. The seat is wide with side bolsters and a comfortable back. All these things make it the best recumbent bike.

It offers smooth and whisper-quiet operation. You can get the advantage of a reliable workout routine without or little maintenance. A wide range of settings is available for your workout. Up and down buttons are located on your bike to decrease or increase resistance.

Sleep Mode

The console can enter in a sleep mode if you are not using it. The system will automatically turn off if you are not using it for almost 2 minutes. Press a button to return this computer to its previous state. Moreover, hold a “RESET” button for two seconds to clear the memory of the computer.

Integrated Workout Programs

Workout programs of this bike are impressive. There are 23 built-in programs, such as 10 profile, 3 heart rate, 2 custom workouts, 1 manual, fitness test, results mode, recovery test, time trial pacer, and quick start. If you cannot afford expensive models, it can be an excellent exercise machine.

You may not get preset workout exercises, but this machine offers the best resistance. It is easy to customize your workout as per your needs. The bike features a convenient step-in design. No doubt, you will get the excellent value of money with the use of this bike.

Schwinn 213 Recumbent Bike Features Infographic

Lcd Computer

Backlit LCD computer shows historical and real-time performance related to calories burned, speed, distance, watts, pulse rate, and resistance. It can be the right choice for fitness freak or professional trainers. The console display is essential for your stationary bikes.

The use of LCD is important to keep an eye on your performance. You can calculate total burned calories. Moreover, handles come with grip sensors to check your heart rate. Current resistance level will be displayed on the console for your convenience.

Bio-Fit Wide Comfort Seat

Schwinn 213 comes with a comfortable style and different features and function. It has a Bio-Fit comfort seat with double position lumbar support. You can get maximum comfort when pedaling. The BioFit comfort system is a revolutionary addition from Schwinn. Main purpose of this design is to ensure biomechanical positioning and proper ergonomic.

You can customize it according to the specific and unique needs of each user. In Schwinn recumbent bike, BioFit console offers these benefits:

  • It has a tilt-adjustable console for modifiable viewing angle to accommodate different workout atmospheres, intensities and positions.
  • Wide seat offers support, comfort and stability.
  • BioFit pedals offer suitable alignment for effective pedaling.
  • Slider mechanism of handlebar contributes to a perfect user-interface position.
  • Seat slider ensures the best height of seat and aft/fore adjustment.
  • Lumber support is adjustable to improve support for lower back.
  • Feature-packed Computer and Multi-program

The Schwinn 213 recumbent exercise bike comes with a feature-packed and multi-program computer with 16 resistance levels. It will increase your motivation to achieve different fitness goals. You can keep an eye on your heart rate during workouts.

For the convenience of users, the bike has a recumbent BioFit frame. It is easy for you to climb on the bike without any injury. The seat tube features chrome-plated, high-quality construction. Oversized back stabilizer tube offers rock-solid stability.

Drive train has a durable and strong 3-piece crank and quiet oversize, 6-groove drive belt with flywheel (perimeter weighted). Transport wheels make it easy to move your machine from one room to another. It allows you to enjoy your favorite programs with its noiseless operations.

Grip Heart Rate

Schwinn 213 bike has grip heart rate sensors on both handlebars. You have to keep both hands on the computer to allow these sensors to detect your pulse. The computer utilizes the data detected by the heart rate sensors. Carefully grip the pod and keep an eye on the flashing heart icon. You can see a pulse rate on the right portion of an LCD display.

Maintenance of Schwinn 213

If you want to service or maintain your bike, disconnect its power supply. Use a moist cloth to wipe the computer and bike. Carefully inspect your bike before every use. Replace each part after first signs of damage. By regularly examining your equipment, you can notice problems in its components.

Before each use, you have to inspect it for broken, damaged, worn or loose parts. Moreover, the weekly and monthly examination is necessary for the best performance of your bike. You have to wipe your bike to remove grime, dirt, or dust. Check crank arms and pedals and tighten them as necessary. You should evaluate all screws and bolts to make them tight.

Easy Seat Adjustments

To use a Schwinn exercise bike, you have to make important adjustments to its seat. You can adjust the seat as per your convenience. Feel free to move the seat forward or backwards according to your height. No doubt, Schwinn recumbent bikes are famous for their comfortable seats.

Fortunately, you can adjust the angle of your seat quickly. For instance, if your foot is unable to touch the pedal, you have to move your seat downward. Moreover, if your leg is bending too much, you have to move your seat backwards on your bike.

Ergonomic Support

The Schwinn recumbent exercise bike allows every user to get the advantage of an effective workout. You can get the advantage of new fitness options and accessories. Remember, it offers numerous aerobic benefits. This bike will not take extra space and need little coordination for an efficient workout.

Exercise on Schwinn 213 allows you to have maximum ergonomic support for the back. You can avoid strain on shoulders, neck and arms. Moreover, you can stick to a long-term workout program with the help of this exercise equipment.

Limited Warranty for the Bike

The Schwinn 213 is warranted to be free from possible defects in workmanship and material. This warranty is valid to cover the actual purchaser. In a residential environment, you will get 10 years warranty on frame, one year on electrical and mechanical components and 90 days warranty on labor.

Weight, Dimensions, and Exercises of Schwinn 213

The dimensions of this Schwinn 214 are height of 52 inches, width of 26 inches, and length of 58 inches (i.e., 132 by 66 by 147 centimeters). The weight of this product is 49 Kg or 108 pound. Due to this, the total weight of the user for this bike is 136 or 300 pounds. So, it means that this bike has a compact design due to which this might not be more helpful for overweight people.

Schwinn 213 bikes allow you to get the advantage of the low-impact workout. If you are recovering from injuries, you can use this exercise bike. By working out regularly on this machine, you can improve the health of your mind and body. For the best results, you have to adjust your seat.

Before starting any exercise, warm up your body on the Schwinn 213 bike with slow pedaling for almost five minutes. Remember, warming up can loosen up the muscles of your body and increase its temperature before starting a workout. Maintain the best form to ride a Schwinn 213 bike. Keep your back tight and align with the seat. Feel free to hold handles as per your convenience.

It is essential to select the right resistance level of Schwinn 213. Remember, resistance levels will help you to make your workout difficult. You can switch between resistance levels to get the advantage of HIIT workout. No doubt, interval training will help you to unlock several health benefits.

Versatile Computer for Workout Information

Schwinn 213 recumbent bike computer console allows you to track important information. The versatile console includes:

  • Quick Start
  • 6 Profile Programs
  • Manual Program
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Calorie Goal
  • Results Mode
  • Recover Mode

The large display is located in the middle of the console to provide you with important information. Remember, the display is divided into different sections to provide information about workout and preset information. You can see the main window indicating resistance level and selection of program.

The small window in the bottom displays RPM, time, heart rate and other data. On the main area, you can see the details of the program running on the display. You can get the advantage of 16 different resistance levels. In the LCD, the computer has a message center. This center will prompt you to add particular values and data to operate this bike easily. Moreover, it is easy to switch between the information modes.

Easy and Quick Start

You can start manual programs with one touch of a button. The bike comes with a manual program to adjust the resistance levels during a workout. For your convenience, the computer allows you to use different exciting and fun profile programs. These will keep you happy and motivated. Moreover, it will be easy for you to achieve your fitness goals. See the details of these programs:

  • Plateau
  • Ride in the Park
  • Ramp Interval
  • Strength Intervals
  • Cross-Training
  • Pikes Peak

Use of calorie goal will help you to choose the amount of total calories you have to burn during a workout. Feel free to use up and down buttons for the selection of calories you want to burn. The console allows you to choose the best profile program.

Bottle Holder

Another feature that is important for most is the bottle holder. This can help the user in keeping the water bottle with him at the time of training or cycling. As it is a fact that while exercising or cycling you may feel thirsty and need a water source close to you rather than getting off the bike to have some. Therefore, this is the best feature. However, the holder is positioned on the left side of the bike’s seat and this might be problematic for right-hand users.

Pros of Schwinn 213

  • 10 workout programs can make your life easy. You can choose any one of them to achieve your fitness goals.
  • Magnetic resistance makes it durable and quiet.
  • It has an integrated sound system with two speakers and one media port. The system is compatible with MP3 players and the iPod.
  • Convenient bottle holder to drink water during workouts.
  • Small transport wheels to ride easily.
  • High capacity to carry almost 300 pounds weight. Great bike for overweight people.
  • Consistently monitor heart rate.
  • GPS location along with waypoint recording

Cons of Schwinn 213

  • Some people complain about the uncomfortable seat.
  • Heart rate monitor may not work accurately.
  • Plastic seat needs extra padding or cushion.
  • LCD may not display stats clearly and even the heart rate display is inaccurate
  • Warranty period is not long, the frame warranty is long but the warranty for rest of this bike is not for long time
  • The fan of this bike is functioning very powerlessly

Final Verdict

Schwinn 213 recumbent bike has a variety of smart features and workout options. It can help you to maintain a healthy body at home without joining a gym. The bike comes with 16 resistance levels and 11 workout programs. You are allowed to choose the best workout program as per your convenience.

The Bio-Fit comfort seat features dual-position support and side bolsters to offer comfort to your lower back. You can access workout programs, BMI measurement, calorie goal and several other features. A backlit computer display is located at a convenient place to show time, RPM, interval time, speed, distance, resistance, pulse and calories.

Recumbent handlebars have grip heart rate sensors and console slider. You can modify resistance levels and seats as per your height. It has three programs for heart rate, fitness test and a manual mode. A transport wheel is available to increase the portability of this. It is suitable for obese users because Schwinn 213 can handle a user of almost 300 pounds.

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