Nautilus R618 Recumbent Bike Review

Nowadays, people do not get time to visit the gym or follow a particular fitness regimen. For this reason, it will be great to buy a stationary bike. It can be challenging to choose the best brand because numerous brands are available in the market. You have to consider your fitness needs and budget before selecting an exercise bike. Undoubtedly, Nautilus r618 recumbent bike can be an excellent choice for people with a limited budget.

As compared to other bikes, it has several unique features. Some amazing features a resistance control handlebars and reclining backrest. You will get a user-friendly interface and gel cushioning. It comes with trainer apps for your convenience. In terms of digital connectivity, you will not get anything better than this bike.

For your home gym, you can invest in this affordable bike. It has several solid features to offer the best value of money. The R618 has additional features that are not available in old models. You can get the advantage of maximum comfort and flexibility. The seat features gel cushioning to keep you relaxed. It comes with a Nautilus Trainer app to keep an eye on your performance. No doubt, it can be the best investment for every fitness enthusiast.

Features Of Nautilus R618 Recumbent Bike

  • Get the advantage of 29 customizable exercise programs
  • 107.1 pounds weight and 67.3-inch L x 26.4-inch W x 48.8-inch H
  • Maximum capacity for the user is 325 pounds
  • Adjustable console SightLine with double blue backlit screens
  • Handlebars with different positions and integrated resistance/incline controls
  • The three-piece crank system made of chrome with weighted pedals
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity and synchronization with Nautilus Trainer App and several other apps to track fitness
  • Synchronize with RideSocial app (free app) and see virtual riders. You can ride along with friends in actual time.

Specifications And Technical Details

  • 26.4W x 67.3L x 48.8H inches Assembled dimensions (67W x 171L x 124H cm)
  • 89.5 pounds (40.6 kg) assembled weight
  • 30 lbs or 13.6 kg Flywheel weight
  • 325 lbs or 147.4 kg Supported weight for users
  • Eddy current Resistance 25 levels
  • 29 programs, Bluetooth connectivity and 4 user profiles with Control unit
  • Cooling fan, sound system, USB port, media tray and bottle holder are some important amenities
  • 15 years warranty for the frame, 3 years for parts, 3 year for Electronics and 1 year for Labor

Durable Frame Construction

If you need the best recumbent bike, Nautilus R618 features a heavy frame as compared to previous models. The frame is constructed with steel tubing and weighs only 107.1 pounds. However, this weight can bother you at the time of assembling this bike. You can relocate this bike easy with the help of its transport wheels.

Front base has two integrated wheels to handle this bike easily. Moreover, the weight of this bike increases its stability. Base tubes is featuring rubberized and adjustable levelers that increase the particular possibility to stabilize the bike. There is no need to worry about stability, even on an uneven floor. You can put this bike on the floor without any rubber mat. However, the manufacturer recommends to use a rubber mat.

Durable Frame Construction

The frame of this bike has an easy step-through type design. This feature is useful for people with particular disabilities. Also, you can adjust the position of the seat as per your needs. Moreover, steel Frame is coated with industrial corrosion resistant powder. Buy this bike in black color with several amazing features. The seat of the rail is made up of aluminum with a natural finish.

Construction of this bike integrates different PVC elements, but these may fulfill a protective and cosmetic role. It offers maximum stability with base caps, seat rail caps, bottle holder and drive system. The parts made of PVC are dark gray and black. Moreover, the footprint of this bike is smaller than other models. Nautilus recumbent bike r618 takes 171 x 67 cm of the floor space. It can be a best fitness tool or machine for everyone.

Handlebars And Seats

The R618 features an ergonomic seat. You can use this exercise bike to lose weight. It has a thick gel cushioning layer and the contoured surface. Your body can perfectly adapt to the surface of this bike. This seat is perfectly designed to adapt to the body. The seat of bike is almost 16-inch wide for your convenience.

Remember, the backrest of this bike is made of durable PVC material with vented design. It can prevent overheating experience on your back during an intense workout routine. The bike promotes healthy circulation of blood. As compared to other bikes, this unit has several exclusive features. The angle-adjustable seat offers numerous positions. You can control the position of the seat with the use of a lever. It is situated underneath the seat.

However, the entire seat assembly is flexible. It is mounted on a durable aluminum rail with an adjustment span. For this reason, the bike is suitable to easily accommodate users of different sizes. Every tall user can use this bike for exercise. The weight capacity of this bike is impressive, such as 325 pounds.

For your convenience, the Nautilus recumbent bike has two sets of handlebars. One handlebar is attached to assembly of seat and other is to a console mast. Remember, handlebars near seat have integrated resistance controls and pulse sensors. You cannot adjust them independently from a seat, but move along the adjustment rail. The distance between these handlebars is 58 cm. Moreover, handlebar sets feature rubberized type grips for maximum comfort.   

Dynamic Recline Seat

Drive And Resistance

The R618 recumbent bike has magnetic resistance assisted by motor. It can increase the benefits of recumbent bikes with an eddy brake. This bike has a servo motor along with a resistance pad. Remember, the resistance may be adjusted from a control unit. You can choose the level of resistance from this unit. This servo motor can help you to change a particular position of magnetic brake along with flywheel.

Remember, the bike may not feature a self-generating power system, including Body-Solid B5R. It should be connected to one AC power adapter and a source of power. This adapter features 1500mA output, UL listed, 100V to 240V rated and 50/60Hz Input and 9VDC. Use of this exercise bike allows you to increase the challenges of your workout. For your assistance, 25 resistance levels are available.

Elderly users can manage their workout with light and low settings. Moreover, these settings are suitable for recovery training. The 23 to 25 (maximum) resistance settings are tough to simulate steep climbing. You can get the advantage of a challenging workout along with cardio training. Similar to other bikes designed with magnetic resistance systems, this bike has a belt drive and a heavy flywheel.

Weight of this bike is almost 30 pounds; therefore, it is easy to carry for everyone. It has a weighted perimeter flywheel to deliver an easy and smooth motion. You can get the advantage of a consistent momentum and steady feel. For maximum comfort, the crank of this bike is made of steel and finished with self-leveling, weighted pedals. Every pedal features the adjustable strap to improve stability of the foot.

Excellent Control On Workout

Nautilus recumbent exercise bike comes with user-friendly control. The control is similar to other bikes, but has some additional features. Remember, this bike is different than other machines, such as a treadmill and elliptical. The console has two LCDs, such as large digits and LED backlight for convenient reading.

A large LCD is to manage workout profiles and track your progress according to a selected goal. You can see the name of workout programs, details of the resistance level and heart rate interval. Moreover, the small display is suitable to indicate speed, distance, time, resistance level, RPM, heart rate, and calories burned. You can track distance from the console in mile and km. Furthermore, you can track speed in km/h and MPG.

Excellent Control On Workout

Sensors are available to monitor heart rate. These are fixed in handlebars to note down your heart rate. A console has telemetry capability and compatible with chest wireless strap HR transmitters. The elliptical comes with an HR chest strap. Users can get the advantage of four profiles, and every profile records the results of the workout. You can review these results later.

To adjust a profile, you should input your personal data, including name, gender, age, height and weight. For this reason, the unit accurately estimates calorie burning. It has 12 workout programs, and these are integrated into the console. Some preset programs include:

  • Stairs
  • Intervals
  • Cross-Training
  • Uphill Finish
  • Summit Pass
  • Pyramids
  • Mount Hood
  • Pike’s Peak
  • Stream Crossing
  • Easy Tour
  • Ride in the Park
  • Rolling Hills

These workout programs will help you to set up your goals for distance, calories, and time. Moreover, you can get the advantage of an HR control program, recovery program and fitness program. Each program comes with four difficulty levels. It has flywheel (a wheel-shaped weight) to increase its stability. The magnetic resistance adjustment allows you to bring variations in your workout programs.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity is an important feature that set this bike apart from other cheap models. This feature is essential to sync the console of the bike with your laptop, tablet or smartphone to access online trainer app. Furthermore, Bluetooth connection allows you to directly transfer data of your workout into MyFitnessPal or NautilusConnect account.

If you do not want to use Bluetooth connection, there is nothing to worry because you can use USB to transfer your fitness data. The console comes with a USB port to transfer data and charge your devices. Fortunately, the bike has compatibility with RideSocial. It is an online app that permits you to ride and view the virtual trail on a smart TV, phone or tablet. You can follow a GoogleMap trail to increase the fun of your ride.

Feel free to create different riding events to ride easily with your friends. It has fun and interactive features for users. No doubt, it will be the best investment for anyone. To make each workout easy, the console has a sound system, a cooling fan and a media tray. It is compatible with several smartphones, tablets and MP3 players.

Additionally, the console has two speakers at the base. You can find a media tray under its large LCD. A workout fan is not powerful but offers some cooling for each workout. Remember, you can change the angle of fan by tilting console of this bike. If you want to reduce weight or achieve any other fitness objective, it is essential to ride on this bike regularly.

Comfort of Nautilus R618

Maintenance And Assembly

No doubt, R618 Nautilus is heavy; therefore, two people should assembly it. The assembly of this bike may be complicated, but you should not worry. It has a manual for users. The resistance and drive elements come preassembled. For this reason, you have to connect the base tubes to its mainframe along with the backrest and the handlebars, the seat and adjustment handle.

Carefully connect the pedals, console and the console mast to its main frame. The entire process may take almost two hours, but need a manual. You have to follow the manual to manage the assembly process. It is vital to arrange the necessary tools to assemble your bike.

For proper maintenance, you have to inspect your bike periodically for loose parts and bolts. Retighten all the loose parts as per your needs. Remove moisture and dust from your bike. The internal components may come pre-lubricated; therefore, you should not lubricate them.

Eddy Current Brake System

Eddy current brake system is known as an electric or induction brake system. This device is useful to stop or slow down a moving object. In Nautilus R618, you will get an eddy current brake. It can stimulate uphill climbs and increase the drag between a permanent magnet and non-magnetic conductor. You can program this bike as per your convenience for pedaling. Use of eddy current brake system can make pedaling difficult.

It is possible to increase the difficulties of a workout by increasing the incline consistently. Use of eddy current resistance offers a stepping machine and heightened walking results. You can increase challenges of your workout with the help of this brake system.

Ridesocial Compatible

The RideSocial is a free app available for Android and Apple devices. It allows you to choose and install mixed-reality video routes. You can connect it directly through Bluetooth to several manufacturers. This app is suitable to update your workout routine and performance.

It allows you to explore the world app and update the workout details from different corners of the world. Track distance, pace, calories, speed, heart rate and time with this bike.

Warranty Of Nautilus R618

Before purchasing an exercise bike, it is essential to examine its warranty details. A bike with the best warranty will help you to get the maximum value of your investment. Warranties of these bikes are divided into labor, parts and frame.

The warranty of the frame must be lifetime and long. Remember, the warranty of parts may vary greatly. Several high-quality bikes offer 3 to 5 years on its parts. You may get 1-year labor warranty with this bike.

Workout Features

Workout Features

The Nautilus R618 offers numerous unique workout features. It has 29 beneficial workout programs. You can select the best exercise plan to avoid boredom. When using a recumbent bike, you will get a variety of workout programs. Use of this bike proves helpful to increase challenges of your workout because of 25 magnetic resistance levels. If you want to reduce weight, you can plan your weight loss goal around preset exercise programs.

You will get maximum control over the intensity of the workout. The quiet and smooth magnetic resistance allows you to manage each workout. There is no need to worry about sleeping family members. It is possible to do your exercises without making noise. Every person can enjoy music or movies during an exercise program.

Pros Of Nautilus R618

  • Nautilus R618 is a suitable model for disability users.
  • It has a step-through frame to make seat adjustable and increase your convenience.
  • Several consumers are happy with this seat.
  • The backrest offers an adjustable angle at different positions to increase your relaxation.
  • Ventilated back is available along with one gel construction seat.
  • The bike features two handlebar sets where one is attached with the seat.
  • The handlebars have resistance controls and pulse sensors. You can access them at fingertips.
  • For cyclists, it has 25 resistance levels durable and outstanding for professional bikers.
  • You will get the advantage of the best workout.
  • You can get the advantage of 29 workout programs along with quick access to incline buttons.
  • Moreover, several home users like digital console because it is easy to use to track your progress.
  • Moreover, a wireless strap allows you to monitor the heart rate.
  • A chest strap is available with the bike.
  • A USB port is available for athletes for charging their devices and listen to music.
  • Several users like its built-in fan for warm days
  • Great warranty period
  • Maximum weight capacity of users, such as 350 pounds

Cons Of Nautilus R618

For some users, the weight of its frame is heavy and troublesome. They find it difficult to handle during the assembly process. The two transport wheels are available to move this bike conveniently. Moreover, the rear base has a handle to lift easily.

Some users have a problem with its large footprint. It is difficult for them to keep this bike in their apartment. As compared to a self-generating powered recumbent bike, it required power supply and has an adapter (AC power).

Unfortunately, the backrest is not adjustable. You have to put one throw pillow to increase your convenience. A pillow can make its seat super comfortable.

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Final Verdict

The Nautilus r618 recumbent bike is an affordable bike with lots of unique features. It comes with 25 resistance levels to manage the intensity of a workout program. Remember, the intensity of each workout may vary from easy to difficult. You should get the perfect calisthenics for maintaining your health without leaving your home.

The exercise bike has double LCD screens to see your workout data. It will be easy for everyone to track your workout routine. There is no need to scroll through annoying data. Connect your devices with a Bluetooth with the console of this bike and track your workout data. Free Nautilus Trainer apps are available for your assistance.

To monitor heart rate, the bike has a wireless chest strap. Remember, the bike is compatible to use with telemetry monitors. Telemetry is a powerful system for transmitting and recording data from an inaccessible or remote source to IT systems. Feel free to connect with RideSocial app to ride virtually through beautiful routes from different parts of the world.

The bike allows you to charge your smartphone during a workout because an integrated USB port is available. You can enjoy your favorite songs after connecting your phone to it. Remember, the device has a console compatible with mp3 player or phone. Assembly of this bike is easy as compared to other machines. A manual is available for your assistance.

You have to attach backrest recline handle and the seat. Several people find it handy to assemble this bike without any professional assonance. Fortunately, all essential tools are included for assembly, such as screwdriver and Allen wrench. These tools will make this job comfortable and easy. Assembly process may take almost two hours or even more.

Overall, it is an excellent bike with amazing functions and features. You can choose from several workout options. The seat is the most impressive feature of this bike. It has an adjustable backrest and a gel cushion. If you are worried about your achy joints, feel free to buy this bike. Features of this bike justify its price.

Remember, this recumbent bike cannot do the magic; therefore, you have to bring some adjustments to your diet and lifestyle. Combine your exercise plan with a healthy diet to shed extra pounds. Make sure to ride on this bike regularly or at least five times per week. It will help you to achieve your weight-loss objectives. 

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