Nautilus r614 Recumbent Bike Review

Recumbent bikes are different from regular stationary bikes. These bikes have leaned seats to keep your body relaxed and in a natural position. No doubt, Nautilus r614 Recumbent Bike can be a reliable choice. It is an affordable bike to manage your workout routine.

Use of this bike will offer low-impact and gym quality performance. Nautilus is an affordable bike with 22 programs and magnetic resistance of 20 levels. You can get the advantage of intense exercise options. It has a weighted flywheel and belt drive system. This bike will help you to manage a smooth and easy workout.

R614 offers a double-track display for users to read magazines or emails. You can track your performance and set individual goals for exercise. The bike provides back support and vented seats for relaxed and comfortable rides. The bike features a sliding rail system to lock and adjust the seat as per your height.

Best Features of Nautilus Recumbent Bike

  • It features a goal track to set particular exercise goals
  • Weight of this bike is 80 pounds and dimensions are 64-inch L x 27-inch W x 50-inch H
  • The bike comes with 8 controls for heart rate, 9 profile, 22 programs, 1 quick start, 2 custom and 2 fitness test
  • It features almost 20 levels of resistance for several workout intensities
  • You can get the advantage of high inertia drive mechanism, high speed with weighted perimeter flywheel for a smooth and easy start up
  • It features consistent workouts
  • Console speakers come with one input MP3 port
  • USB charging port, modifiable fan and media tray included
  • DoubleTrack LCD displays and 136 kg weight capacity

Top-rated Performance

Nautilus recumbent bikes are famous exercise equipment. It is an affordable recumbent bike available with several unique features. The model offers a top-quality workout with different pre-programmed workouts, resistance levels, intuitive controls and an excellent console. The R614 is a gym-quality recumbent bike.

It offers 22 pre-programmed workouts and an excellent resistance range. The bike comes with a heart rate sensor and a bright display. As a result, it will be easy for you to monitor your exercise programs. This bike is suitable for people of different fitness levels. R614 allows you to follow a high-intensity training routine.

Comfortable Seat

Comfortable Seat

The Nautilus R614 is an excellent recumbent bike. Several users prefer this style because of its comfortable seat and position. Moreover, it features a step-through design and back support. If you have a mobility issue, it can be an excellent choice.

It promotes a relaxed and less active position of your body as compared to upright models. You can get the advantage of high-quality exercise routine. The bike features 20 levels of magnetic resistance. R614 offers exercises of different intensity, such as easy to challenging.

You can get the advantage of consistent and smooth resistance along with noticeable changes between every level. It allows you to spin casually while pushing watts or reading magazines. Moreover, it is easy to enjoy your favorite programs while pedaling.

Get the advantage of multiple range and high-quality resistance. If you cannot join a gym, you can invest in this best recumbent bike.

User-Interface And Great Console

The R614 features a fantastic user-interface and console with 22 programs. It helps you to take your workout routine to a new level. Jump on this bike and tap “Quick Start” to manually manage the resistance with intuitive controls on its console. This machine has several features to offer.

It comes with nine profile workouts to select from and change the level of resistance automatically for simulation of different outdoor courses. The bike features weight workouts for heart rate control to manage you in a particular zone of heart rate. In this bike, heart rate sensors are available.

Moreover, it has two test workouts, such as beginners and ultimate advanced along with two custom plans for exercise. You can program your workout as per your weight loss goal for distance, calories burned and time. The double display screens offer several details of the workout. It includes relative intensity, distance, course profile, speed, RPM, calories, time, pulse and resistance level, etc. Nautilus offers two profiles and customizes data fields on display. By saving your results, it allows you to maximize your exercise routine.

User-Interface And Great Console

The console has 22 built-in programs, such as simulate rolling hills, Mount Hood, Pike’s Peak, pyramids and ride in a park, etc. These challenging workouts allow you to shed extra pounds and improve your cardiovascular health. Remember, several expensive brands lack these features.

Moreover, numerous models with the same workout program cost almost 3 – 4 times more than R614 bikes. This bike is better than several high-end models. It is better than Diamondback Fitness and SOLE Fitness models.

Quality, Weight, and Dimensions of Nautilus r614

The industry has several good names, but Nautilus is beating everyone with its unique features and qualities. This brand is famous for offering high-quality, well-built exercise equipment. The bike is stable, durable and robust because of a huge footprint. Weight of this bike is 80 pounds and dimensions are 64-inch Length x 27-inch Width x 50-inch Height. DoubleTrack LCD displays and 136 kg weight capacity is the general feature of this bike.

Remember, R614 comes with a heavy flywheel to keep the bike grounded and offer a realistic and smooth motion. The bike comes with a 10-year warranty.

Durable Frame

Nautilus recumbent exercise bike features a durable frame made of steel. It features an appealing and professional design. Stability and durability are two important qualities to combine with the frame. This bike is made to support users of almost 300 pounds.

The front foundation of the frame comes with transport wheels for easy relocation of this bike. Moreover, the rear base has levelers and long handles for easy balancing and lifting on the wheel during transportation. To increase stability, the frame rail includes a leveler.

Durable Frame

Brake System With Drive

Remember, the drive mechanism of the Nautilus recumbent bike has a big pulley and bigger diameter as compared to the flywheel. Excellent drive system and brake increase stability and make pedaling easy on your joints. The solid crank arms are solid, steel-made with a standard pedal and toe straps.      

The bike has flywheel and high-inertia to increase the smoothness of pedaling. Its flywheel and pulley are connected through a heavy-duty belt for a quiet ride. Moreover, it features 20 resistance levels to make your workout challenging. You can make necessary adjustments as per your needs.

Adjustments are easy with the help of a user-friendly console. The package comes with a power adapter, such as a 60Hz 120V AC input, 1.5A output and 9VDC AC power adapter. However, the seat of Nautilus recumbent bike is constructed with hard plastic without any cushion; it is still comfortable.

The overall design of this Nautilus r614 bike and seat make it comfortable. It is delicately contoured to fit the leg of users without any discomfort. Furthermore, the back support features an ergonomic and secure design for a comfortable and healthy posture. Seatback and bottom are vented to decrease the chances of overheating. No doubt, overheating can cause serious discomfort for users.

Remember, the base of this seat is 12-inch deep and 17-inch wide with sufficient room for comfort. The seat of this bike features a flexible rail system. You can adjust it horizontally to get enough legroom for a workout.

It is suitable for users between 4’ 11” to 6’ 4”. Moreover, tall people can adjust their seat as per their needs. Tall people may find it difficult to stretch their legs full that are important for your workout. 


Seat and front handlebars have a padding of rubber foam for an excellent grip. You can get maximum comfort with its ergonomic design. The recumbent handlebars come with heart rate sensors, and data is transferred to the console of the bike. Remember, recumbent bikes are great for different rehabilitation exercises.

The sensors are essential to measure heart rate. Users should keep an eye on their heart rate. Distance between handlebars is almost 56 cm (22-inch), and this distance is sufficient even for bulky users.

Modern Features Of Nautilus r614 Recumbent Bikes

Modern Features Of Nautilus r614 Recumbent Bikes

For your convenience, the Nautilus r614 bike console includes different functions with the tracking computer. It comes with a 3-speed fan; therefore, you can manage your workout even in hot weather. Moreover, you will find it comfortable during intensity pedaling.

Another great feature of Nautilus r614 is two acoustic sealed speakers on the console of the bike. These will decrease the inconvenience of wearing earphones. You can enjoy your favorite music during each workout. The speakers are powerful for this small system. Moreover, the sound will be crystal clear.

They may be connected to any device that is capable of supporting music, including smartphones, iPods and MP3 players. The console is associated with a tablet tray to put your tablet and browse different websites. Moreover, you can enjoy your favorite music videos online. You can use this platform to read books.

An LCD monitor is located on the top to see your distance covered, time and calories. You can easily track and optimize your workout programs. It features an achievement and goal function to increase your motivation. The level of resistance is easily controlled via this console.

Feel free to change the resistance slowly to increase or decrease the challenge of your workout. There are ten keys to adjust resistance quickly. Nautilus r614 recumbent exercise bike offers different settings and features to program your workout. Different people can use this machine and alternate between goals and programs.

The console comes with a USB port; therefore, it is easy to export workout data. Moreover, upload it in Nautilus Connect for your convenience. These apps increase your possibility to evaluate data in different forms. You will get sufficient information related to exercising and diet. As a result, you will be able to achieve the best results. 

Pre-Lubricated Parts For Easy Maintenance And Assembly

The brake, drive mechanisms and rail system of Nautilus r614 are assembled. These are attached to the significant frame of this bike. You should not worry about high-tech assembly procedures. All the components are attached to its primary frame. Make sure to attach pedals, frame bases, the seat of the bike and frame.

You will get a user manual in the box with a comprehensive guide for Nautilus r614. The assembly tools are available in the box. Moreover, it features an edgy system of brakes that may not come in contact with flywheel. There is no need to worry about wear and tear. It is easy to replace them without any trouble.

There is no need to take tension about periodic greasing, particular to a chain-drive cycle. All parts of the bike are pre-lubricated; therefore, extra greasing is not necessary. For proper maintenance, keep this bike neat and clean. Remove dirt and dust from its console and frame. Moreover, protect the frame from spills and liquid.  

Sound and Fan System

It is extremely easy to ride on Nautilus recumbent bike r614. You have to plug the seat of this bike to feel comfortable and begin pedaling. Use its console and juggle with different programs. Remember, the manual has all the critical details. The seat is particularly designed for a comfortable workout session.

Back of the seat offers an excellent posture. You will get ergonomic and firm support. The seat features an enriched vented design that avoids the overheating of the seat. Numerous features are available to increase your comfort level.

The exercise bikes offer a book or a tablet. Nautilus 614 comes with a sound and fan system. These elements can increase your convenience level. Moreover, the box has a hold to hold a bottle or cup to keep you hydrated. The belt-drive mechanism makes this bike quiet and smooth. It will not interfere with your comfort.

DualTrack LCD

DualTrack LCD

The DualTrack display has two screens. Remember, the lower panel of the screen is 1-inch tall and 5-inch wide. It shows detailed information about your workout. You can see three values on the screen simultaneously. Feel free to customize this information for every user profile.

Moreover, see values such as distance, speed, calories burned, heart rate, elapsed time, etc. It is located on the shelf of the device for an easy view. For your convenience, the upper screen is 3-inch tall and 5-inch wide. You can see the intensity, heart rate one, goal and details of built-in programs.

In the right panel, you can see the heart rate region. It displays your present workout one, such as fat burn, aerobic and anaerobic. You can see the intensity of your workout on the left side. 

Pros Of Nautilus R614

  • The quality and price ratio is an essential aspect of this bike. This gym-rated bike offers numerous features at an affordable price.
  • The console of the bike is multifunctional. It has lots of information to offer. You can easily control distance, RPM, time, pulse, calories and speed.
  • It features several built-in programs with two user-profiles and goal tracking function.
  • The bike has 20 resistance levels, and the highest level is difficult. You can use this bike for high-intensity workouts.
  • You will get numerous accessories with this bike, such as a three-speed fan, sound system and apps.
  • Connect it with online apps, such as Nautilus to upload your data.
  • This machine is free from maintenance. There is no need to change the brake pads of this bike. Make sure to lubricate its parts periodically.
  • Remember, this bike is available with a warranty plan.

Cons Of Nautilus R614

  • No doubt, Nautilus R614 is an excellent stationary bike. Its size can make it difficult to store. You may face problems with storage space.
  • This model is lengthy, such as 64-inch long and 28-inch wide.  It will take extra space as compared to other bikes.
  • You may find it challenging to access resistance levels without plugging in this bike. It is not a huge problem for plenty of users.
  • Lack of Bluetooth connectivity and high-resolution display

Final Verdict

The Nautilus R614 recumbent bike is an inclusive bike available in the market. It is a comfortable, sturdy and stable bike with a high-quality tracking console. No doubt, this recumbent bike is great to tone leg muscles. You will find it supportive for rehabilitation exercising.

Consistently pedaling will help you to maintain an excellent cardiovascular help. It allows you to burn more than 450 calories in each workout session. Fortunately, this gym-quality unit can be an excellent investment for your future health.

You can stay connected and entertained through USB charging ports. It features an average warranty period but offers high-class workout quality and performance. This bike is perfect for professional training without spending extra money.

Undoubtedly, R614 is excellent for people who need an actual cardiovascular challenge. You may find it slightly expensive, but its unique features make it a worthy choice. It offers incredible durability and functionality. The bottom of its seat has sufficient padding along with a well-ventilated backrest.

The display shows essential things, including calories, RPM, speed, distance and time. A built-in heartbeat sensor is located on handlebars. If you want to achieve your weight loss goal, Nautilus R614 recumbent bike will be the best companion for you. It will keep you entertained and motivated throughout a workout session.

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