If you are a Bible scholar or just a worldly individual who often reads the Bible once in a while, you will understand that there is a certain man by name Methuselah. Methuselah has been recorded as the longest living individual on Earth. According to Genesis 5:27, the man Methuselah lived for 969 years, he was a son of Enoch and grandfather of Noah. As a matter of fact, several others including Seth and Adam also lived into their 900s.

Comparing how people lived long in those days and the figures that are being torn out today in the dailies and news media about the average lifespan of an individual, you will quickly figure out that living in the days of old was much better, and the secret is because of their diet. The diet we consume nowadays tends to cut short our lifespan. The diets make us unable to fulfill God’s purpose on Earth. The diet that made those people we have mentioned earlier to live long, after months of research have been tagged the Methuselah diet.

The Methuselah diet works on the premise that if you consume the diet, you will live long even if you don’t live close to the age of Methuselah. You will live a fulfilled and purposely life on Earth, plus you will be healthy, and you will be strong to go about your business and endeavors. So, if you want to live a healthy life, your best bet is to practice or ensure you include Methuselah diet in your meal regularly and also exercise on a regular basis.

So, what is Methuselah diet? and what steps should an average individual take to live a longer life?

In this article, we have put together a detailed beginner’s guide to Methuselah diet. In your interest, we encourage you to read to the end so that you will not only understand what Methuselah diet is all about, you will also learn what it takes to live a longer life and leave a legacy for your children and those unborn.

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What Is the Methuselah Diet?

The Methuselah diet is not any special kind of food that we have today, it is mainly a concept to describe what Methuselah ate and did on Earth while he was alive. So, in essence, Methuselah ate only what he found on his plate and not what people consume nowadays. He did not count the number of calories he consumed in a day on Earth. Methuselah during his time did not visit an eatery or a restaurant to select different kinds of dishes to eat. He did not buy a pie or a toast, he ate food lacking in fat and rich in vitamins. He was happy chewing every species of food that comes his way without developing fear, or nurturing any troubles to befall him. This pattern of feeding made Methuselah to live over 900 years and the Bible and other record documents say he was the oldest living man on Earth.

What Is the Methuselah Diet

These days, so many diet patterns have different collections of policies and are embedded with constraints that require attention. For instance, the ketogenic diet we all know today concentrates on high fibre dishes as well as a reduced percentage of carbs. However, the vegan diet plan is not just any type of diet but it comes in plants to insulate an individual from eating any kind of food or beverages from animal sources.

Every diet that you consume has a particular collection of constraints and different policies that need to be complied with. There are also some kinds of food that you need to put in the trash can from your diet plan, so that you live a healthy life. This food includes grains, meat and some big items. The Methuselah diet that we are discussing in this article does not have any of these limitations.

Any dish that you eat, once it has enough vitamins, it should be ok for the overall strength of your health because Methuselah did not bother to count the number of calories that were contained in the food he ate.  Methuselah consumed whatever he was offered, and he was not nervous or anxious of the results of the food on Earth and this is the main reason why the Methuselah diet is not too rigid or strict.

There are some other factors that also contribute to Methuselah living a healthy and long life. Some of these factors include a plant based diet and his spirituality and mindfulness. Methuselah was also aware of his immediate environment and how important it is to offer supplication to God the creator. This is a pattern and an approach that you should follow when considering the Methuselah diet.

How To Live a Longer Life Like Methuselah

When it comes to the issue of Methuselah diet, the most important line of discussion is to explore how to increase our lifespan and live an exemplary life worthy of emulation. The line of discussion is also how to be impactful here on Earth; hence, the topical issue of the Methuselah diet plan. Yet, even though we follow the Methuselah diet plan, which is not too easy to comply with, actions are to be taken so that you live a healthy life. Despite the fact that most of us even eat healthy diet and workout regularly in our different offices and business centres, the following ideas are usually not regarded or are completely forgotten;

Live a Longer Life Like Methuselah

1. Complying with the Standard Nourishment Standards

One of the best ways to live a long life or live a preserved life full of fulfillment is to comply with the fundamental nourishment standard, as applicable to the food you eat on a daily basis. Methuselah during his time was not selective of any food that came his way. He consumes practically anything that was served to him or that made it to his plate, and this made him live over 900 years, a record that no mortal being has been able to break here on Earth.

Adhering to the Methuselah diet plan is not difficult to do. All you need to do is to start with the fundamentals of the diet or you can at least keep very close to following the Methuselah diet plan. Some of the items on the Methuselah diet plan include but not limited to:

  • Being happy in eating small amounts of food rich in vitamins and protein.
  • Drinking plenty of water for most part of the day
  • Keeping the number of calories you consume in check and as you grow older in age, height, and weight.
  • In the Methuselah diet plan, know your food teams, and do not be overly selective when it comes to eating vegetables and fruit or even red meat.

2. Be Energetic Every Day

Engaging in exercise or working out as you wake up from bed was not all that pronounced during Methuselah’s time, and because of that, working out is not a major ingredient of the Methuselah diet plan. Exercises became naturally incorporated in their day-to-day life activities; they could run for different KMs and trek for different kilometers, instead of sitting in front of a computer all day, like we have in today’s ever-busy economy.

The essence of exercise cannot be ruled out, if you want to live a healthy life and maintain your fitness. Exercises will help to keep all your body parts functioning as they are supposed to function. It will also make your heart pump blood better.

3. Decrease Tension

Living a life devoid of tension and stress is also part of the Methuselah diet plan. Persistent anxiety and stress can lead to different heart related diseases or even death. It can lead to cancer cells lung disorder self destruction as well as several other health-related mishaps. You need to find a way to resolve the issue of stress from your system. While it is difficult to prevent stress altogether, we can make it a point of duty to influence your wellness and increase your mental state by including exercise and working safely.

When you are being tense, it can trigger the boost of fat in your abdominal area, this may result in issues like high degree of cholesterol, strokes, or cardiovascular diseases. Stress and other forms of tension may also cause high blood pressure and heart-related diseases. There are so many ways for you to manage stress and anxiety. Some of the ways include, but not limited to working out, engaging in different forms of exercises, breathing exercises, and also participating in yoga exercises. When you concentrate your body in a conscious workout, you are less likely to be anxious and stressed out. This is very important if you are to comply with the Methuselah diet.


As you can now see, adopting the Methuselah diet plan is actually a no-brainer if we are to leave a fulfilled life here on earth and also maintain a good legacy when we depart this earth. Nobody born of a woman has been able to surpass the record created by Methuselah.

If you adhere to the information you have learnt from this article, you might be the next Methuselah that the Guinness book of record would be happy to capture or record.

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