How Long Should I Walk on the Treadmill to Lose Weight

Do you want to use a treadmill to lose weight? Fortunately, you have made the best decision to improve your overall health. You can walk on the treadmill to lose weight because it can be an excellent exercise. It allows you to exercise for a longer duration and burn calories.

Start walking slowly and gradually increase your speed to improve your fitness and strength level. It will help you to shed extra pounds.

Intensity of Exercise

Remember, the intensity of exercise may have a direct influence on the number of calories you burned. You will reap numerous benefits of walking in the morning and evening. Feel free to do an aerobic workout to lose weight. The treadmill will help you to manage the intensity of your workout.

A moderate-intensity workout may increase your breathing. It must not be gasping and allows you to continue the conversation. You will start to sweat almost 10 minutes in a workout. Make sure to adjust a walking speed to decrease the level of intensity.

Walking Amount

Healthy adults require almost 150 minutes of cardio workout of moderate-intensity each week. Feel free to adjust your workout as per weight loss goals. By walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes, you can burn over 150 calories.

By exercising daily on a treadmill, you can lose almost one pound in three weeks. To increase your weight loss speed, you can add more incline to a treadmill routine. Feel free to increase the intensity of your workout on a treadmill.

Treadmill Workout Tips

Workout Tips

If you can’t do a workout for almost 30 minutes, break it up into small intervals throughout the day. Feel free to walk for almost ten minutes at a time. No doubt, you will receive the benefits of this exercise. Feel free to switch up the incline or speed on a treadmill to challenge your body.

A regular workout routine is essential to keep you in good shape. If you can’t keep yourself motivated, make sure to put a treadmill in front of the TV. Feel free to set your alarm during shows as a reminder.

Weight Loss on Treadmill for Beginners

For beginners, 15 30 minutes of walk on a treadmill may help you to shed extra pounds. If 10 – 15 minutes are challenging for you, you can get started with five minutes. Carefully set up a routine and stick with it for the best results.

If you are feeling intimidating to walk on a treadmill, try 5 – 10 minutes. Feel free to split your workout twice or thrice a day. You can increase the overall workout time. It is essential to jump on a treadmill for 5 – 10 minutes a time.

Gradually increase time for your overall workout. Make sure to set aside nearly 15 to 20 minutes for a workout. Beginners can get started with a brisk walk. Moreover, the speed of the walk may depend on the fitness level of a person.

Weight Loss on Treadmill for Beginners

Types of Cardio workout

The treadmill allows you to do two types of cardio workouts, such as steady-state and intervals. Steady-state means you are walking at a consistent speed. Intervals refer to slow or fast speed. If you start with a steady-state, you can slowly move to walk for exercise.

Speed intervals are useful to burn calories in a small quantity. You should start with an appropriate fitness baseline to avoid discouragement and injury. Make sure to start with a level to feel invigorated and good. These workouts are great for giving you sufficient energy. It will be great to kick-start your weight loss journey with a steady-state.

How to Speed up Your Weight Loss?

If you want to lose weight with your diet, it is essential to keep an eye on your diet. Remember, you can’t lose weight without eating a healthy diet. Make sure to remove junk and processed food from your diet.

Feel free to walk on the treadmill to lose weight and combine it with a healthy diet. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Make sure to increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits. It will be great to increase weight-lifting to exercise routine.

Final Verdict

Anyone can walk on the treadmill to lose weight. This machine is equally useful for beginners and advanced users. Make sure to buy a treadmill with the best features. Several treadmills offer pre-programmed workouts.

With incline, speed adjustment, and several other features, you can increase your weight loss speed. Get started with a 10 minutes brisk walk and gradually increase your speed.  You can get the advantage of programmed workouts. Pulse and heart rate monitor will help you to keep an eye on your performance.

With apps and advanced features, you can track your workout history. The number of calories burned may depend on your weight. Some treadmills may save your workout data.

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