Girls Biceps

Muscle building is an art in the field of fitness, which most people choose to make their bodies fit and have more beautiful looks. For girls, it is often considered that they cannot build muscles. However, it is just a myth.

From all types of muscle building, the arm muscle building is considered as a badge of fitness for both males and females. Arms consist of three muscle groups; the triceps brachii, biceps brachii, and brachialis (forearms). The triceps brachii is used for the extension of the shoulder and the elbow joints.

While the biceps brachii is the group of muscles used to supinate the wrist and flex the elbow joint. Round muscle bellies that are fully developed with a peak represent the full biceps development. While the brachialis consists of the muscle group of the lower arm from elbow joints.

The Simple Science of Effective Biceps Training for Girls

Girls often consider it tougher to build the biceps muscles than building other muscles of the body. It is because of the lack of knowledge about the proper exercises and the way to execute them in properly managed reps.

They usually go for hard exercises and strain themselves with extra reps. Improper diet management is also a problem that causes biceps to build problems in girls. However, biceps building for girls is an easier task if they consider somethings in mind before starting the exercises;

  • In a week, one biceps workout is enough to start the development of biceps.
  • Dumbbell curls and heavy barbell exercises are good to add size and strength to biceps.
  • Direct training for the perfect size and definition of biceps is necessary.

The Best Biceps Building Exercises for Girls

Before starting the exercises to build the biceps, there are certain things that girls must keep in mind. The biceps and triceps muscle building usually does not go alone. It requires other muscles to be coordinated with. The triceps are usually built after the shoulder and biceps after the back. This may exhaust the body at the start, but ultimately it would become easier after a few training sessions.

Biceps Building Exercises for Girls
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Now, coming towards the exercises, there is some proper exercise that is recommended by the trainers around the world for biceps building in girls. Following are some of the best-recommended exercises that girls can practice either at home or in the gym:

1. Barbell curls 

These are considered one of the best and easiest exercises for building biceps at the start. Girls can start with smaller weights and then they can gradually build up the weights according to their training. Holding the barbell with the underhand grip, while standing tall up to your chest, start moving raising the hands until the biceps engagement can be felt. Doing this in the form of multiple reps will make the muscles adjust for the next exercises.

2. Hammer Dumbbell Curls

Hammer dumbbell curls are also considered as the best exercise for girls to build their biceps. It is usually done while standing upright with the arms and elbow close to the body and feet apart in a shoulder-width. Curl the dumbbell slowly to the shoulder, stop for a few moments at the top of the lift and then lower the dumbbells while squeezing the biceps. 3 steps of 20 reps will do the trick. Perform it with the low weights at the start and then gradually build up.

3. Biceps Wide Curls

This is an easier exercise for girls than other exercises to build the biceps. Holding the dumbbells in hands while the arms in a wider position with the feet in a position slightly wider than hip-width, bend the elbows and pull the weights closer to the ears. Complete the rep while extending the arms out again and repeat it multiple times. 3 steps of 20 reps will be enough for this exercise as well.

Biceps Wide Curls

4. Traditional Curls

Traditional curls are from some of the basic exercises that can be used by girls for effective and easy biceps building. Standing tall with the dumbbells in hands and palm facing forward, curl the dumbbells to shoulders and keep the posture straight. At the peak, rotate the wrists and squeeze the biceps. Complete the 20 reps in steps and it will be enough for today’s exercise.

Some of the Myths Regarding Female Muscle Growth:

Whenever girls go for muscle building in gyms or they start exercises even at home, they face some of the myths. For instance; it is often considered that women cannot build their muscles as effectively as men, lifting weights will make their bodies bulky, and some even that they need to “tone” their bodies instead of muscle building. These are all the myths that are based on the wrong experiences of some trainees. However, if you follow the perfect diet and manage exercises, women surely can build muscles effectively.

Myths Regarding Female Muscle

Best ways for Women for Muscle Development

Following the proper guideline is much necessary to build the muscles. And especially for girls, they need to take care of different things as their body requirements are different from men. Following are three things that they must keep in mind to have effective muscle development:

  • Intake of the proper amount of carbs, fats, and proteins
  • Proper exercises for muscle development in effective ways
  • Taking in the right number of calories

Diet Plan for Girls to Follow for Muscle Building

Girls need to have a proper diet plan during biceps development. It is much necessary to maintain the number of calories inside the body during the workout and non-workout days. Improper food intake may cause improper muscle building and defect the muscle bodies. The following food items contain the proper amount of calories and nutrients and girls can use these food items for their diet plans:

  • Sweet Potato
  • Instant Oatmeal
  • Cooked brown rice
  • Black beans
  • Soylent Powder
  • Lentils
  • Cooked quinoa


With the right intake of proteins, carbs, and fats in diet plans, proper exercises are a must to build the biceps muscles. Bicep building for girls is not that much difficult if the above-mentioned things are kept in mind.

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